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The Best 10 Poker Books

Top 10 Poker Books

Expanding your poker knowledge and skills can be, for many of us, a daunting task, requiring not only continuous practice, but also proper research and a significant time investment. Thankfully, several books are now available for those who are seriously …

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Is Chris Moneymaker His Real Name?

Did Chris Moneymaker change his name? Chris Moneymaker’s real name is a question that is asked on a regular basis. How can someone in the poker industry have a surname such as ‘Moneymaker’? Surely is has been changed to reflect …

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Is Doyle Brunson Broke?

Doyle Brunson

Has Doyle Brunson gone broke? Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson is one of only four players ever to have won the WSOP Main Event more than once. He won the $10,000 buy-in event twice, in 1976 and again in 1977, with …

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Tom Dwan’ Net Worth and has he Gone Broke?

Tom 'durrrr' Dwan

Tom Dwan was once the cash game king and was very public about his ability, but he has recently disappeared. The questions that are asked are, is he broke, and what is his net worth? Has Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan gone …

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Is Phil Ivey Broke?

Phil Ivey

Has Phil Ivey gone broke? Born February 1, 1976, Phillip Denis “Phil” Ivey Jnr. is an American professional poker player who has won one world poker tour tittle, ten World Series of poker bracelets and appeared in the world poker …

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Is Chris Moneymaker Broke?

Chris Moneymaker net worth

Has Chris Moneymaker gone broke? Since his WSOP Main Event win in 2003, Chris Moneymaker has been rumored to have gone broke on more than one occasion. Going broke in the poker industry is something that happens on a daily …

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Super System by Doyle Brunson – Book Review

doyle brunson super system

Super System by Doyle Brunson If you have dreams of making it big as a poker player but feel a little guidance is something that you need then Super System by Doyle Brunson might be exactly what you are looking …

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Poker Player Profile: Antonio Esfandiari

antonio esfandiari net worth

Personal Life Amir (Antonio) Esfandiari, born in Tehran, Iran on December 9, 1978 was a funny character from very early in his life. At age nine, the Esfandiari family relocated to America and settled in San Jose, California. Not speaking …

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Different Types of Poker Games

The U.S. is credited has been the birthplace of the various, different forms of poker. This is generally attributed to the 1900s. Most of these variants share the standard order of play, hand values used, number of betting rounds, action …

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The History of Poker

Poker is a group of card games, involving betting and individual play that winners are determined by the combination of cards and their ranks. These combinations are usually concealed until the end of the game when there is at least …

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