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Is Dan Bilzerian Broke?

Has poker playboy, Dan Bilzerian gone broke?

Dan Bilzerian has had a very eventful life and has now turned his focus to playing a lot of high-stakes poker. You will find him throwing money around in ultra high-stakes cash games, trying to beat the world’s best.

His net worth is commonly quoted to be in the hundreds of millions.

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian was in the military for 4 years before being honorably discharged. He is 33 years old and has already suffered three heart attacks.

His father is Paul Bilzerian who is a Wall Street corporate take-over specialist. It is fair to assume a lot of Dan’s success has derived from his father.

Bilzerian is a venture capitalist who regularly invests in start-ups. He invested $1 million into the TV show, Lone Survivor.

Bilzerian has also had minor roles in a few movies.

He was also named the ‘Funniest Poker Player on Twitter’ by Bluff Magazine.

Where did Bilzerian get his money from?

Bilzerian has multiple sources of income over the years which have lead to his incredible wealth:
– Money passed down through his family fortune
– Various investments which have paid off handsomely
– Appearing in movies and TV such as Lone Survivor, Equalizer, Olympus Has Fallen & The Other Woman
– $10.8 million from a recent high-stakes cash game at stakes of $5k/$10k (allegedly)
– $36,626 from a deep World Series of Poker run in 2009 (finished 180th)

Bilzerian along with Gabe Kaplan, Tobey Maguire and Nick Cassavetes (and some other notable actors) were forced to repay poker winnings in games against Bradley Ruderman. Ruderman was a ponzi-scheme operator.

So is Bilzerian actually broke?

Saying Dan Bilzerian is broke could not be further from the truth. He constantly splashes money on models to be by his side, and plays insanely high-stakes poker games.

It will be a very long time until Bilzerian could go broke. His lavish lifestyle could eventually catch-up with him and have him scrape the barrels for money. This is assuming of course, that his health doesn’t take a turn for the worse. His persistent heart problems would generally see a man cut back on the wild lifestyle Bilzerian is currently living.

Right now though, Bilzerian is NOT broke.

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