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Is Erik Seidel Broke?

Erik Seidel broke
Erik Seidel broke

Has Erik Seidel gone broke?

Erik Seidel is one of the most successful poker players in America. He has earned more than twenty-five million dollars playing poker. This ranks as the third largest amount of money earned from playing poker. His stellar performance over the past few years has earned him the respect the respect of fellow professionals. He finished second in his first major tournament at the 1998 World Series of Poker. The final hand, he played in the tournament featured in the movie Rounders.

Seidel is best known for his diversity. He plays well in a variety of games, which include Omaha, Deuce to Seven Draw and Hold’em. He has managed to win bracelets in all of them at the World Series of Poker tournaments. Only five other players have more bracelets than he does; he has eight bracelets. Therefore, he has quite an achievement that he can boast of.

Seidel and the Stock Market

Erik Seidel is one of the few professional poker players who switched from gambling on the stock market to playing professional poker. He was among players from the famous Mayfair Club who went on to become hugely popular and successful playing poker. Although he has had a few losses, he always manages to impress at the world series of Poker. This is something he has done with consistency since 1991. Some people even wonder if Erik Seidel may not be the greatest poker player alive.

Erik Seidel’s Top 5 tournament Cashes

-1st place for $2,489,747 at the 2011 $250,000 Super High Roller, Aussie Millions.

-1st place for $2,250,999 at the 2015 €100,000 No-Limit Hold’em Eight Max

EPT Season XI / FPS – Monte Carlo Grand Final.

-1st place for $1,092,780 at the 2011 World Poker Tour No-Limit Hold’em High Roller, Five-Star World Poker Classic- Event 21.

-1st place for $992,890 at the 2008 World Poker Tour No-Limit Hold’em Championship, Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event 11.

-3rd for $963,558 at the 2014 AUD$100K No-Limit Hold’em, Aussie Millions- APPT 8.

Erik Seidel has been quite successful at the World Series of Poker. Of all his earnings, which amount more than twenty-five million dollars, more than five million has been at the WSOP. In May 2015, Erik Seidel won €2,015,000 at the European Poker Tour Grand Final €100,000 Super High Roller. This win has propelled his fame to new heights. It also has people questioning if he may not be the greatest poker player to walk the face of the earth. Very few others in the entire history of poker have ever accomplished a win of such magnitude.

Is Erik Seidel really broke?

The news of Erik Seidel going broke could not be further from the truth. In fact, of there is a player who literally has buckets of cash at his disposal, it would be Erik Seidel. Since he quit the stock market, there has never been a gloomy day in his career. For instance, the player once managed to make over six million dollars in just one year.

This feat has rarely been accomplished other players in poker. His greatest attribute is his ability to play well in different types of poker. Other successful poker players only seem to be able to succeed with one style such as Hold’em or Omaha. His impressive win of eight bracelets at the World Series of poker is also noteworthy. In addition to that, it is also expected that he will win more bracelets in future. Thus, it is safe to say he has not yet reached the peak of his career. ]

It is also interesting to note that Erik Seidel is one of the few players who has not suffered any major losses in his career. Some other poker players seem to win big once before suffering huge losses. After the stock market crash, Erik Seidel has never looked back. He has been able to take of his family through gambling and poker. In fact, there are rumors that he could be named as one of the most successful players ever.

What is, even more, interesting about him is that he never believed he could win. In fact, when he started out, his friends had to shove him into professional poker. Any rumors of Erik Seidel being broke are unfounded and untrue. There is no doubt that the year 2010 could also prove hugely successful for this unassuming player.

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