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Is Freddy Deeb Broke?

Is Freddy Deeb Broke?
Is Freddy Deeb Broke?

Has Freddy Deeb Gone Broke?

Freddy Deeb is a noteworthy figure in the poker world but he has not been as noteworthy of a player in the game as he has been in the past. Naturally, there are questions out there over whether or not he is broke. This has led to some real concerns among people but it also brings to mind a few considerations of whether or not Freddy Deeb is indeed broke. He has not shown up at many events and while his daughter can be seen as a noteworthy figure that is active in getting new events set up, there is a good amount of talk these days over where the big man himself could be.

A Look At His History

A native of Lebanon, Freddy Deeb started playing poker in the 1970s after losing contact with his parents during the civil war in that country; Deeb had been getting money from his parents as a means of covering the costs associated with attending college. He had to leave before he could get his degree but he eventually ended up becoming a very prominent name in the world of poker over the years.

Deeb has become famous for his bright patterned shirts. He has been living in Las Vegas for years and has continued to be a popular name in the world of poker although there are concerns over what he has been doing lately as he has not been around all that much in the world of poker in recent time.

The unpredictable nature of Deeb’s play has particularly been rather intriguing as it makes him a noteworthy figure that players have loved over the years. Even with this, his absence from much of the poker world is being missed as his charisma and intriguing play style have been the talk of the gaming world for a long time.

His Top Events

· 1st with $146,250 in the 1996 WSOP Deuce to Seven Draw

· 1st with $2,276,832 at the 2007 WSOP HORSE tournament

· 1st with $1 million at the 2006 World Poker Tour event

· 1st with $100,000 at the 2009 WPT Celebrity Invitational

Deeb has competed at fifteen final tables in the World Series of Poker and has gotten 41 money finishes. He has earned a total of $8.1 million in poker as of the middle part of 2014. He’s clearly the most successful poker player to have come from Lebanon and has been one of the most historic figures in competitive poker when his longevity is considered. This makes rumors about his demise all the more unfortunate.

So is Freddy Deeb really broke?

Freddy Deeb has been out of much of the poker world for the last few years as he is not as active in poker as he was in the past. This does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that he is broke as he continues to compete while taking care of his family with part of the family being involved in the poker world right now.

He only appeared in two major tournaments in 2015 but he had a strong showing in one event. In 2015, he took home $383,090 by finishing in second place at the WPT Main Event No Limit Hold’em event.

However, his finishings have not been as strong as they have been in the past. In 2015, he finished in 58th at the partypoker.net No Limit Hold’em Main Event in Montreal. He only took home about $6,000 in the event as he was bested by a large number of other contenders out in this particular game.

He has a family today and he has been raising it quite well. His daughter, Jeanine Deeb, is the tour director of the WPT Deep Stacks series and has been keeping the Deeb name in the poker world. She can be seen at many big WPT events and has been in good touch with her father for much of the entire series.

It’s clear that Freddy Deeb is not all that powerful these days in terms of the game of poker but there is no denying that he has been a popular name in poker thanks to the strong efforts that he has made to keep playing while keeping his family cared for. He is definitely not broke by any stretch of the imagination although he isn’t as active in poker as he used to be.

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