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Is Greg Raymer Broke?

Is Greg Raymer Broke?

Grey Raymer has become a noteworthy name in poker over the years thanks to his intriguing sunglasses and his tough attitude. However, he has been more active in the field of education in recent years as he is focused more on teaching people about the game of poker and how to win big. He is also doing what he can to make the activity more recognizable and open to the public from a legal perspective, particularly in the United States where online poker is not as well received as it is in many other places around the world.

An Early Star

Originally born in North Dakota, Greg Raymer studied at the University of Minnesota Law School and worked as a lawyer for Pfizer before entering the world of competitive poker. He particularly became known as the Fossilman for how he has an outside hobby of collecting fossils. The fossil he uses as a card protector at the poker table is a particular reflection of his interest.

Over the years Raymer had become more interested in playing poker for a living and soon entered into more professional tournaments. This would lead to his getting in the money in a World Series of Poker event for the first time in 2001. He consistently used his background in the law to help forward the game of poker, particularly by lobbying to get the game to be officially recognized as a game of skill following the passing of the UIGEA. He even stated that he thought about running for the vice presidency under the Libertarian ticket in 2008 but that never happened.

Greg Raymer’s Top Tournament Cashes

· 1st prize for $5 million in the $10,000 no limit Texas hold’em WSOP event in 2004

· 3rd prize for £20,000 at the 2005 British Poker Open

· 1st place for $168,362 at the 2007 World Championship of Online Poker $320 Pot Limit Omaha with Rebuys event

· 3rd place for $774,927 at the 2009 WSOP No Limit hold’em event

· Four Heartland Poker Tour wins in 2012 totaling $371,967 in winnings

Grey Raymer has gotten eighteen money finishes in his career in the WSOP and has one bracelet for his efforts. However, he has not been seen very often at events in recent time, thus giving people the impression that he might be out of money and unable to actually take advantage of the buy-ins that he had once been able to afford. This especially comes as he no longer promotes PokerStars.com, a popular online poker website.

So is Greg Raymer really broke?

Greg Raymer has not been active in competitive poker playing in recent time but much of this is not due to him not having money but rather from him being busy helping people with learning how to play bingo. He has been in charge of his own poker training school since 2011 called the Fossilman Poker Training school. He holds a number of one and two-day poker training classes at many poker rooms around the United States and Canada.

There was an incident in 2013 where Raymer was arrested in North Carolina and was charged with prostitution. While Raymer has completed 75 hours of customer service, the charges against him have since been dropped.

He may not be as active in competitive poker as he used to be but he continues to make money by offering his poker courses around the country throughout the year. His official website continues to remain active as he is looking to help encourage people to support regulations that could potentially get online poker to become available in fully legal and regulated in the United States.

He is also a proud support of Blue Shark Optics, a company that makes high-end sunglasses like what he has been known to wear at the poker table. His website even has a promo code that people can use as a means of getting a special discount on particular sunglasses.

If anything, the career winnings that Greg Raymer has earned over the years are being put to good use. He is not only helping people learn how to play poker but he is also doing what he can to make poker a more accepted activity around the United States even in an environment where it will become more accessible and popular among all poker players.

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