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Is Ted Forrest Broke?

Is Ted Forrest Broke?
Is Ted Forrest Broke?

Has Ted Forrest Gone Broke?

Ted Forrest is one of the most renowned professional poker players in America. He has won six WSOP bracelets, something, which very few others have been able to accomplish. The player has more than six million dollars in his career. One of his most outstanding career achievements was winning three bracelets in the same year. Few other players have been able to replicate this feat. This has made him quite an authority in poker field and aspiring poker players have looked up to him.

An End to His Dry Spell

Although Ted Forrest is still widely respected, it has been a long time since he won a bracelet. This dry spell was broken in 2014 after he won against the poker titan Phil Hellmuth. At that particular game, he won $121,196 plus bragging rights. However, coming second to a player of such stature was no shame for Phil Hellmuth. He still went away with the runners-up price of $74,848. Hellmuth himself has fourteen bracelets, which is no small achievement.

Ted Forrest’s Top 5 Tournament Cashes

-1st place for $1,100,000 at the 2007 World Poker Tour, Bay 101 Shooting Star Championship.

-2nd place for $579,386 at the 2005 No-Limit Hold’em World Poker Tour Championship, Mirage Poker Showdown.

-1st place for $500,000 at the 2006 No-Limit Hold’em, National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

-1st place for $300,300 at the 2004 No-Limit Hold’em, 35th Annual World Series of Poker.

-4th place for $263,487 at the 2005 24th Event of World Poker Tour, No-Limit Hold’em L.A. Poker Classic.

Although Ted Forrest was a regular at the world Poker Tour, his absence has been felt in recent years. Ted is known for playing high stakes poker. For instance, just a while back he formed a consortium of poker players to play Texas Billionaire Andy Beal. Beal is also known for gambling in the stock markets. He managed to triple his net worth despite the recent financial downturn.

Ted has in recent years, specialized in the use of No-limits Texas hold’em. However, his strategy of limping or calling for a raise is quite different from the established method. Most other players prefer to fold or raise at pre-flop. He has demonstrated that this strategy can be in fact be quite successful. In the recent past, Ted Forrest has regained his form and managed to win his sixth career bracelet at the 2014 WSOP against Phil Hellmuth.

So Has Ted Forrest Actually Gone Broke?

Unlike most other poker players, Ted Forrest has enjoyed consistent success throughout his career. He has only had a few slumps. One of the most notable losses was when he lost three of his bracelets to theft. He did, however, manage to buy a bracelet and gave two to his daughter. The other one is safely tucked away. Overall Ted Forrest is a successful poker player, who has managed to create a niche for himself in the world of poker.

In fact, people owe Ted Forrest quite a lot of money. He claims that Mike Matusow owes him close to two million dollars. According to Ted, Mike promised to pay this amount if Ted Forrest managed to lose some weight. He has even threatened to sue Mike, something he has never done before in his life. In his defense, Mike “the mouth” Matusow claims that when he made he extremely drunk. Furthermore, he claims he has already paid Ted $70,000 and does not intend to pay any more.

Some people who have been keenly following this conflict claim it could be due to the hall of fame nominations. Both Mike and Ted Forrest are nominees for this prestigious honor, which is mostly for bragging rights than any cash prize. In addition to that, this could be a strategy by Ted to edge out Mike Matusow. However, Ted Forrest claims that there are witnesses to the entire deal. A while back Mike Matusow took to social media to explain what exactly transpired and claimed it is not as Ted put it.

With his nomination to the Poker hall of fame and his recent winnings, there is no indication that Ted Forrest is actually broke. In fact, all signs indicate that he might actually be regaining his form. This is especially after his impressive performance against thirteen-time golden bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth in 2014. The future looks bright for him.

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