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Is Scott Seiver Broke?

Scott Seiver is hands down one of the most talented Poker players in the world, but has he gone broke?

Has Scott Seiver gone Broke?

As one of the only Ivy League geniuses in the Poker circuit, and one of only nine players to hit the number one ranking on the Global Poker Index (GPI) ranking, Seiver is one of the most known and popular poker players on the circuit.

As of 2015, Seiver was the number one poker player in the world, though he has since dropped to 49th on the GPI ranking. While he is currently not raking in as much as he used to in terms of big wins, he is still making enough to remain a force to reckon with.

is Scott Seiver broke

A Child Prodigy

Born in Columbus, Ohio on April 14 1985, Scott Seiver played poker for the first time when he was a Brown University freshman where he was an economics and computer science major. Unlike his fellow professional poker players, he played the game as a hobby preferring to finish his studies before turning professional. As expected, his parents were not too happy with his decision as they expected him to go for a more conventional career.

Going Broke and Making it

As a newcomer to the Poker scene, he surprised many in 2008 when he took home the WSOP jackpot worth $755,891 in Las Vegas. For a player whose major achievements were winning about $26,000 in non-professional games, this was quite the jump.

However, success did not come easy as he went broke five times in subsequent years, from treating the game like a hobby rather than a profession. Post 2013, he became more serious with his play eventually ending up no 1 in 2015 with quite a pile of cash ins to his name.

Scott Seiver’s Top 5 Tournament Cashes

– 2nd place for $5,160,000 at the 2015 Super High Roller Bowl, Las Vegas
– 1st place for $2,003,480 at the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas
– 6th place for $1,680,000 at the 2014 45th World Series of Poker (WSOP), Las Vegas
– 1st place for $1,618,344 at the 2011 Ninth Annual Five Star World Poker Classic, Las Vegas
– 2nd place for $1,189,116 a the 2014 EPT – 10 – FPS 4 – Grand Final, Monte Carlo

Scott Seiver’s Top 5 Losses

According to data from HighStakesDB, Seiver lost $700,000 in a single week in 2013 playing online poker, and $1.2 million for the year, the highest of any other online player.

While his wins in 2016 have not been as big as his 2015 or 2014 ones, he is always one of the headliners whenever he decides to get into a tournament. Still, he is yet to place first in any tournament this year, though he has won quite a significant pile of money. His relatively smaller buy ins in 2016 have led to speculation that the iconic player is no longer the high roller he used to be, as speculation rises that he cannot afford the expensive buy ins anymore.

So is Scott Seiver broke?

While Seiver has not been buying into the higher stakes games in 2016, it is speculative at best to declare him broke. He has earned $678,798 for the year, placing him 145th in the world. This is quite a drop from the $7,920,590 he earned in 2015 when he placed second.

Nonetheless, you have to take into account that he earned $5,160,000 when he came in second in the July 2015 Super High Roller Bowl Las Vegas. If he can get into another of these high stakes games, he could very easily hit those extraordinary numbers again. Nonetheless, he has only been involved in two high roller events with significant buy ins for the year – the PCA – 2016, Paradise Island for a $50,000 buy in and the 47th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2016, Las Vegas with a $111,111 buy in.

A look at poker news and reports show that Scott Seiver has toned down on the number of games he is taking part in. He is also participating in games with cheaper buy ins rather than the high roller stuff associated with his big winnings. Reports indicate that he is investing his money. This may explain his reluctance to put a lot of the money he has earned over the past few years on the line in high stakes games.

When he is not on the tables, you will find him cheering on his fellow poker friends Alex Melkinow and Isaac Haxton. He is also interested in football and basketball as well as issues of religious tolerance and those things may be taking up more of his time. So with his fortunes at the tables changing, is Scott Seiver broke? With such big winnings in 2015, it is highly unlikely that Scott Seiver is going broke.

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