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Poker Player Profile: Erik Seidel

Personal Life

Eric Seidel, born in New York City, New York on November 6, 1959 always loved games and was a highly intelligent youngster growing up. This child attempted any game presented to him and when he was just 12 years old, he competed on a television game show, called To Tell the Truth. He attended Brooklyn College and during that period started playing competitive backgammon. He eventually gave up college in order to play backgammon at professional level at the Mayfair Club. He also played in tournaments around United States during those years. The Mayfair Club, which was an underground card room when he started playing backgammon, turned popular and subsequently he learned to play bridge there.

Poker Beginnings

It was at the same period of learning bridge, when poker interested him and he transferred his backgammon skills effectively to poker playing. He gained enough confidence in poker to start playing infrequent games in Las Vegas during the 1980s. At that stage, he played with people like Dan Harrington and Howard Lederer, who are also famous players today. He decided that a poker income will not be stable enough though and took an options trader job on Wall Street in 1985. During 1987, he returned to poker and with the help of friends, he bought into his first major tournament of his poker career. He came second in the in the WSOP tournament as a first timer against Johnny Chan.

Poker Success

In 1992, Eric Seidel won his first ever WSOP and it was the start of new beginnings as he followed that up for the next two consecutive years. Regardless of his poker success in tournaments, he did not leave his finance job on Wall Street. Only when he moved to Las Vegas in 1995, he turned pro. Although he made it to the finals table during the 1999 WSOP Tournament, he only came fourth.

During the Aussie Millions $10,000 event in 2007, he got second place with a winning prize of $550,000 AUD. The following year he came second again in the Aussie Millions $10,000 event and won $1,000,000 AUD. Seidel earned $992,890 with his win of the 2008 WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic.

Poker Fame

Due to the big fields of the poker tournaments today, he does not have the same impact as in the previous years. Nevertheless, his continues to add bracelets to his illustrious career with full respect of the poker world.

During a 2009 poker evaluation he had three WPT final tables, 18 WPT cashes, one WPT title, 57 WSOP cashes, eight WSOP bracelets added to his poker fame. As a member of Team Full Tilt Poker there are only four players who ever won more bracelets than he did. He is tied in fourth place with Berry Johnson, as the most successful poker player of all times with his 57 WSOP cashes.

He continues making money at poker by winning five other bracelets in different games, which include Deuce to Seven draw, Omaha and Hold ’em poker.

Although Erik Seidel appeared in television commercials and granted private interviews, he maintains his life with his wife and children privately.

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