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Poker Player Profile: Huck Seed

Personal Life

Huckleberry “Huck” Seed was born in January 15, 1969 in California, more specifically in Santa Clara. He however grew up in Corvallis Montana. While in Montana, he attended Corvallis High School. He was an active kid and many remember him as being very competitive in whatever he partook. While in school he participated in a number of sports activities and was also a member of the Montana All-State basketball team in 1987. Huck enrolled to the California Institute of Technology where he pursued an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. While in college, Huck decided to take up the game of poker. He thus took a leave of absence from his studies. Huck never looked back and he made up his mind never to go back to college.

Poker Beginnings

It is not known what really led to Seed’s interest in poker. He however felt passionate enough about it to decide that he would not go back to college to complete his electrical engineering program. He began to play regularly at gambling halls in Nevada and California. With time he began to win more regularly. He made his first visit to the World Series of Poker in 1990, where he got to fourth place in Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo and Limit Hold’em events. He would later win the 1996 World Series of Poker Main Event, a championship that would brand him with fame and a great load of money.

Poker Success

After his first visit to the WSOP, he steadily cashed in subsequent tournaments. He won much more than he would have earned if he continued on the path to being an engineer. Huck Seed cashed in his first winnings was in 1994. He managed to bag $2,500 dollars for the Pot Lit Omaha. He would however later win in the 1996 No Limit Hold’em World Championship, when he won $1,000,000. Following his big win, his presence may have not been heavy at subsequent tournaments, but he cashed in enough money to cover his basic living costs.

He also won in two Razz Tournaments $77,400 (in the year 2000) and $71,500 (2003). He also won the 2009 NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship, and winning the cash prize of $500,000. Here he improved his record which is record time in poker playing. His total winnings are over $6,000,000. His online winnings amount to $102,768. He has achieved 19 titles in his lifetime, and 117 cashes in his career.

Poker Fame

Huck has four WSOP bracelets, and 40 cashes in the WSOP. He has a total of 4 WSOP bracelets. He is also known for having impressive skills in all games. He is also well-known for his love for crazy proposition bets. He once made a prop bet with fellow poker players and acquaintances that he would be able to float in the ocean for up to 24 hours without his feet touching the floor. He even went as far as betting that he could go a whole year without shaving. He was well on his way months later with an unshaved beard. His beard grew so huge, but he however had to shave it off after a close relative died, as a show of respect.

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