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Poker Player Profile: Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen

Personal Life

Men Nguyen was born on 1954 in Vietnam, around the same time the Vietnam War begun. He is a professional poker player in America and has been nicknamed ‘The Master’ based on his prowess in the game. Men dropped out of school in 1967 when he was only 13 years and amazingly he became a bus driver in efforts to help his family in matters of finances. He escaped to Malaysia in 1978 from the communist regime since he was an anti-communist. In the same year, he got political asylum from the US and this is how he ended up in California.

He settled in Los Angeles and in 1986 the citizenship process was finalized and he became an American citizen. After running away from the communist regime back in his country, he ended up in the US and this is where his poker career was born. He has become one of the leading poker legends and got a number of nicknames such as money machine and The Master.

Poker Beginnings

Nguyen went to Las Vegas in 1984 and this was his first time to play poker. Unlike the success story of many poker players who started on the right foot of winnings, Nguyen was nicknamed the ‘money machine’ because he continued playing the game despite the many losses in hundreds of dollars. All this time, he was losing money and never gave up on the game. While playing for these years, he was mastering the intricate parts of the game and this is what led to his poker success and fame in later years.

Poker Success

After losing a lot of money and spending most of his time trying to figure out how to crack the hard poker nut, Nguyen finally took home a win in a 1987 tournament. He took the money he got from the win and opened a furniture store and a dry cleaning business but later on in 1990 closed both of them for reasons that they did not earn him enough money yet they took a huge chunck of his time. These businesses however led to him meeting with many of his country men from Vietnam and they went under Nguyen’s tutelage.

Men Nguyen went to Vietnam where he met his wife Van Nguyen who learned playing poker from her husband and later won the World Poker Tour making a record as the first woman to win the mixed even in the WPT.

Poker Fame

Men Nguyen takes pride in participating in over 120 money finishes in the period between 2000 and 2004 and has taken home the win in over 75 tournaments. Men has taught the game of poker to many people some of whom have become stars in the game after some time. He is regarded as one among the most accomplished poker tournament player especially after winning the Player of the year award by Card Player Magazine in 2005, 2003, 2001 and 1997. In 20122, Nguyen winnings from live tournaments are said to have been over $10, 300,000 where $3,140,780 of the money is from the World Series of Poker tournaments. He has 7 bracelets from the WSOP.

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