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Poker Player Profile: Robert Varkonyi

Robert Varkonyi

Personal Life

Robert Varkonyi is a well-known American poker player that gained most of his popularity form winning the Prestigious World-Series of Poker in the year 2002. Robert was born in 1961 in New York where he was raised by his parents. After high school, he enrolled to Massachusetts-Institute of Technology for an undergraduate degree. It was while here that he began to play poker with a couple of his friends. Following his graduation he worked as a finance investment banker. This was however short lived because he discovered what poker can do for you in terms of earnings. In 2002, Varkonyi won the 2002 World-Series of Poker Main-Event, thus introducing him to the world. He cashed in a whopping $2,000,000. He now lives in Greta Neck in New York City with his spouse Olga, who happens to also be a good poker player.

Poker Beginnings

Robert started playing poker while studying at M.I.T. At the time he did it for leisure but his skills grew overtime. He however proved that he had developed his skill when he won the 2002 World-Series of Poker, bagging the $2 million prize. Though he has tried his hand on a couple of other tournaments, the 2002 World Series remains his largest winning.

Poker Success

Varkonyi is famous for winning a title that a lot of poker players dream of. He successfully became a World-Series of Poker champion in 2002. He attempted to defend his title the next year. He however did not successfully reclaim his title, after he lost to Scotty Nguyen. In 2007 Robert once again cashed in at a major poker event. Out of six thousand players, he came in 177th place, winning himself $ 51,398.

In the WSOP tournament of 2009, he competed against 19 former WSOP world champions in what was the first Champions Invitational tournament. Varkonyi finished in second place, defeated by Tom McEvoy, the 1983 world champion. He second largest winning was achieved in 2010 when he cashed $65,000. In 2011, he participated in yet another WSOP event and cashed in $23,876; he was at 514th place. By the year 2011, his lifetime totals are more than $2,200,000. His winnings from WSOP total to $2,075,274. Unfortunately, he has never won a Poker Player of the Year title. His latest game or winning was $5,751 which he won in 14th June, 2013.

Poker Fame

Varkonyi is famous because of all he has achieved through poker. It is not easy to win $2,000,000 in a world championship. It especially isn’t easy to win when you are relatively an amateur compared to other competitors. Robert Varkonyi thus became popular for being the first to start a streamline of amateur champions. He has been competitive in various tournaments and has made appearances at several events.

He more often than not achieves a good ranking in these tournaments. His life time live-tournament winnings are over $2,200,000, with $2,075,274 all coming from the World-Series of Poker tournaments. Today he is married to longtime friend Olga, who also plays poker. They have two daughters. Robert is basically living the life that a lot of aspiring poker players all over the world would hope to have and enjoy.

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