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Poker Player Profile: T. J. Cloutier

Personal Life

T.J. Cloutier was born Thomas James Cloutier on the 13th of October 1939. He is a famous poker player hailing from Richardson, Texas. Thomas was born in California, to be specific in Albamy. He got an athletic scholarship and attended the University of California. He focused on baseball and American football but later dropped out of school as a result of a number of financial problems. He got drafted into the US army and afterwards played for the Canadian Football League where an injury tragically ended his football playing career.

Later on T.J. started a company dealing with food but luck was not in his side as the business collapsed. His marriage ended and this pushed him to Texas where he worked on oil rigs. Though he went on to become a great poker player, Thomas did not have the passion to play the game in his early years since he was occupied with other things such as school, the army, playing games and business.

Poker Beginnings

When he was working on the oil rigs in Texas, this was the time when he fell in love with poker. During his days off, he would play poker and this is when he realized that he was making way much money playing the game than he was making working on the oil rigs. He became a caddy at a local golf course and concentrated more on the poker especially during the period after the rounds. Apart from poker Cloutier has been famed by the high stakes craps sessions.

Poker Success

Thomas takes pride in being the only individual to have won 3 events the limit high, Pot limit high and the limit 8-or-better high low split in the history of WSOP or the World Series of Porker. In 1987 Cloutier won a bracelet in the $1000 limit Omaha Hi and won a total of $72,000. He later won a number of other tournaments such as the Limit Omaha 8 or better in 1994, the Pot limit hold’em in 1994, the Pot limit Omaha Hi in 1998, the Seven card Razz in 2004 and the No Limit Hold’em in 2005.

Poker has brought great success to Cloutier especially in terms of financial matters. The many winnings he has had in his life were rewarding and it is estimated that his live tournament winnings are in excess of 10 million US dollars with about $4,362,048 being as a result of the winnings from the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Poker Fame

Ever since he started playing poker, Cloutier has been rising in the ladder of fame and this has been greatly boosted by his numerous winnings in major tournaments. He finished 3rd in World Poker Tour in 2003and has been featured in a number of tournaments and challenges such as the Ultimate Poker challenge Poker Royale: Battle of Ages among others. He is at the second spot in the list of the most all time World Series of Poker finishes at the final table with his numbers standing at 39. In 2006, Thomas Cloutier, T.J. was inducted in the all famous Poker Hall of Fame.

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