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Poker Player Profile: Ted Forrest

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Personal Life

Ted Forrest is a native New Yorker, born in Syracuse in 1964. The growing Ted was an outdoor lover and outstanding competitive athlete during his high school years, competing in Basketball, football, track and wrestling. His mental toughness was solidified by stressful situations in his childhood and he often ventured on weeklong adventures, hiking and camping without telling anyone where he was or going to.

When he was 20, Ted worked in a Grand Canyon Hotel and played modest games in Las Vegas when he could. He won enough money though to be able to attend Lemoine College, the same college where his father was an English professor. He did not graduate however and returned to Vegas as a dealer where he taught himself the skill of reading players. He intently studied everybody at his table and learnt expression very well, a skill that became very useful to him later in his life.

Poker Beginnings

Ted Forrest, at the age of 21 in the early 1980’s, moved to Reno and took a job at Harold’s Club, he was a “prop” poker player. Here he learned stud poker and furthered his skills, however the job did not pay much, and he returned home and back to college. 18 months later, he returned to Las Vegas and started playing small limit games. During the following years until 1990, he did not venture towards tournaments though.

During the 1990s, he had enough confidence to play several insignificant tournaments. Ted made the finals tables 10 times when he entered every Commerce Casino Poker Classic game in 1992. He won an award for that remarkable feat and named “Best All-Round Player” with a winning bonus of $20, 000.

Poker Success

Ted’s first attempt at WSOP tournaments in 1993, made him visible in the poker world in an instant. He won his first 3 WSOP bracelets during one tournament in 3 different events, as well as reaching 11 final tables. The three victories earned him $200, 00 in prizes as well as $500, 00 in cash. Ted did not seem to take the tournament success to heart as he returned to playing only cash games, until 2004 when he entered the WSOP. During the Seven Card Stud of $1500 buy-in, he won $111,400 and in the Hold’em event for another $1500 buy-in he cashed $300,000. That was his fourth and fifth WSOP bracelets he earned. The National Heads-Up in March 2006 he won and took $500,000. He reached 5 WPT events and won the Bay 101 Tournament. His personal biggest win he won for the longest event in WPT history, which was a heads-up session against J.J.Liu, for 2 1/2 hours, he took home $1.2 million.

Poker Fame

Ted has a total of $6,072,388 in live game earnings and rated high by fellow professional players for his quiet demeanor at tables. His most remarkable success is winning three bracelets in one event for the 1993 WSOP. He continues to play mainly cash games and currently holds 5 WSOP bracelets, with 25 WSOP final tables. He holds 5 final tables for WPT and 11 finishes in the money. He participated in the Andy Beal extreme limit heads-up Hold’em series with stakes as high as $200,000.

Ted continues to play poker, mostly cash games but does reappear at every WSOP series running deep in games other than Hold’em.

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