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What is the World Series of Poker (WSOP)?

The WSOP or Series Of World Poker is a sequence of poker tournaments. The main event takes place every year in Las Vegas City. The first tournament took place in the city in 1970 courtesy of Benny Binion Horseshoe. Initially, the poker tournament was sponsored by Harrah’s Entertainment until 2010. Currently, it is sponsored by Caesars Entertainment. The tournament brings together the best poker players in the world. The winner of the tournament is declared as the World Poker Champion.

WSOP series have also been introduced to other regions. This is to cater for its increasing popularity. There is (WSOPE) held in Europe. It was first held in London in September 2007. The three events culminated in the winner taking home £10,000 pounds.

WSOPA was also introduced in Africa in 2010. It was held in Gauteng, South Africa. However, it was treated as a circuit tournament hence no gold bracelets were given out. In addition, no world rankings were included. Nonetheless, after a break in 2011, the World Poker Series in Africa made a comeback and became a fully fledged event in 2012.

On April 30th, 2010, the WSOP was introduced in Asia as a circuit event hence no bracelets were awarded. A joint tournament between Asia and the Pacific named WSOP APAC was held in Melbourne, Australia between 4 and 15th April 2013. There were five golden bracelets awarded with the winner taking home AUD $1,038,825.

A variant of games are played during the tournament. The most notable include Texas hold em, Omaha hold em, S.H.O.E, Seven-card stud, five stud, Chinese poker, and H.O.R.S.E among many others. The casino sponsoring the event takes from 6 to 10% of the entry fee and buy-in. In 2005, the top prize was $7.5 million dollars. 560 players shared $52,818,610 prize money.

The tournament has produced landmark records in all sectors. With 13 bracelets, Phil Hellmuth has the most wins. Crandell Addington has managed the most top 10 finishes having featured 8 times. Multi winners include Johnny Chan, Doyle Brunson, and Stu Ungar. Annette Obrestad is the youngest player ever.

The first event only involved seven players. However, today many participants take part in the annual event. Since its inception, the tournament has grown in leaps and bounds. Besides an overwhelming number of participants, the prize money has also increased. Currently, the price earnings range in millions of dollars. This is dictated by the number of entries and buy-in amount. The largest earnings were handed out to Jamie Gold in 2006.He won a whopping $12,000,000 US dollars.

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