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Why can’t I play online poker in America?

Years have elapsed since the big storm labelled ”Black Friday” rocked the online poker community unannounced. But since then, poker has slowly returned to America, though in a limited form. There’s still some hope that online poker will return in full blast to States that decide to give their citizens access to these sites. As for now, it’s still unknown.

Why can’t I play online poker in America?

That’s a question that poker players have always wanted to find answers to. Unfortunately, this question is a little bit simple for the seemingly arbitrary ways in which laws come into force in United States.

The worldwide community still continues to enjoy gambling on the internet, despite the fact that they lost nearly one third of the poker customers back in 2011.

The reason why internet poker in America is shut amounts to greed, misunderstanding or simply ignorance of internet poker. The Justice Department says it’s a game for the skilled. The local courts have also ruled so. And finally, most state laws regulating poker are more than a century old, and they only concentrate on illegal gambling. Internet poker is not mentioned anywhere.

To add some pepper into the wound, Obama Administration decided to excuse itself from the crucial debate by not signing Federal online gambling. At this point, it was clear that players in the US were doomed.

But in States where online casinos ”legally” exist, there’s nothing much politicians can do when the strict laws governing casinos are in place. These casinos are responsible for the billions of tax in revenue generated annually.

What this means is that American Poker players should expect to be screwed at least for the next decade. It’s a viscous cycle that might not come to an end very soon.

The state laws

The first law governing gambling in the US dates back to 1700s. These laws still exist countrywide. Places such as Pennsylvania don’t have poker addressed in any way. Everything falls under ”unlawful gambling”. The definition of unlawful gambling is that form of gambling not acceptable by the law. Poker has never been mentioned anywhere.

Ever since online casinos opened business in the state of Pennsylvania in the early millennium, the right to play poker has always been limited to certain licensed casinos. This is basically what’s going on across all states.

The poker industry is a global industry worth $4 billion. Furthermore, it’s clear that all the popular casinos want American players all to themselves. Meanwhile, we can only wait as more unsavory news emerge. But as far as online poker is concerned, the story of poker prohibition is simply a perfect example.

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