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What is the longest session of poker ever played?

Poker is a game whose history dates back to the early 1800’s. It still remains a very popular card game around the world. For years, people have taken part in it not only for recreation purposes alone, but also in order to win cash. It is one of the most common betting games where skilled players are able to make money playing.

In the recent years, a few individuals have taken this game to a completely new level, successfully setting a world record for the longest poker session ever played. However, three individuals stand out having played the longest sessions without sleep. Here are the three recent cases of the longest poker sessions ever played.

Paul Zimbler set a world record in September 2009. He is recorded to have played for a total of 78 hours and 25 Minutes. During his session, he played against a total of 183 opponents. In his quest for this world record, he managed to raise a total of £35,000, which he donated to Make-A Wish Foundation, this is an organization that makes wishes come true for children facing life threatening medical conditions through organizing interesting experiences in order to uplift their spirits.

Paul Zimbler’s record did not last for long, in less than a year; his record was broken by Phil Laak, who managed to play a poker session that lasted 115 Consecutive hours, beating Paul Zimbler’s record by 37 Hours. Laak’s original plan was to make it to at least 80 hours. In the end, he also managed to raise a profit of $6,766, which he later donated to Camp Sunshine Charity. Laak played at a casino in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Some of the big players who sat at his table during the session included, Antonio Esfandiari, Andrew Robl and Scotty Nguyen. Also Known as ‘The Unabomber’, Laak’s record went into the Guinness World Record books for the longest poker session ever played.

On 1st July 2012, British Poker player Barry Denson broke Phil Laak’s record by 5 Hours setting the new world record at 120 Hours and 20 Minutes. This took place a Casino in Manchester known as the G casino. He raised a total of £850, which was channeled to ‘Help for Heroes Charity’, an organization that helps Service Men and Women injured in the line of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Setting these records was not an easy for any of these players. The lack of sleep had very serious side effects on them, according to Phil Laak, he experienced hallucinations while Barry Denson reported that he could hear children around the table laughing at him. Some of the preparations they had to make in order to achieve their goals including reducing their normal hours of sleep. To date, Barry Denson’s record remains as the longest Session ever played.

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