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What is the World Poker Tour (WPT)?

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has become a household name particularly in the United States. WPT is a collection of various Texas hold’em poker events that are held internationally. In collaboration with broadcasting houses, the cameras zoom in the final stages of play to give viewers a closer view of the cards. Viewers can follow the happenings online, at home, as well as in casinos or poker rooms. This has led to what is known as the “Poker boom”.

The poker tour made its first debut in the late 2002 and early 2003. The first tournament finale took place at Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas in the State of Nevada. This first Championship which was held on April 2003 was aired for the first time by American cable television courtesy of Travel Channel. However, the show made its initial network debut on NBC, on the 1st of February. This was during a special tournament named “Battle of Champions.”

The main sponsors of the poker show include online poker sites and casinos. The show is transmitted all over the world and has been hosted by a number of hosts since its inception. They have included former winners of the tournament, actors, as well as celebrity figures. Notable hosts include Vince Van, Mike Sexton, and Friel.

The show has gone through its twelfth season and still remains one of the most followed and highly rated cable television shows .The first five tours were aired by Travel Channel. GSN aired the sixth channel in 2008, while the seventh show was aired by Fox Sports Net.

Prior to the ninth season, the player of the year award went to the winning player. However, currently, a player who achieves a number of high scores is declared the player of the year. The points are awarded as follows. The winner gets 1000 points, runner-up:700 points, 3rd position: 600 points, 4th position: 500 points, 5th position: 400 points, 6th position: 300 points, and the TV bubble or 7th place is awarded 200 points. The last player to achieve this title was Bertrand Grospellier in 2007. Only one player can be crowned the player of the year in a season.

The entries for the tournament have somewhat declined after the poker boom. This has led to the highest payout remaining constant since the 2007 season. The largest payout from the tour currently stands at $ 3,970,415 US dollars. This was awarded to Carlos Mortensen after winning the championship in the end of season five. Due to its popularity, the tournament that attracts more than 5 million viewers has also been made into a feature film known as “Deal.”

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