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The 14 Best Quotes Related to Poker

Millions of people around the world play poker, so it’s no surprise that there have been many amazing quotes relates to poker.

We take a look through the top 14 quotes related to poker.

Trust everyone, but always cut the cards

-Benny Binion

You can shear a sheep a hundred times, but you can skin it only once

-Amarillo Slim Preston

If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time

-Phil Hellmuth

The name of the game is no-limit Texas Holdem. The game that takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master

-Mike Sexton

There is more to poker than life

-Tom McEvoy

Poker is a lot like sex. Everyone thinks they are the best, but most don’t have a clue what they are doing!

-Dutch Boyd

Poker is a combination of luck and skill. People think mastering the skill part is hard, but they’re wrong. The trick to poker is mastering the luck

-Jesse May

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned

-Paul Newman in the movie, The Color of Money

To be a poker champion, you must have a strong bladder

-Jack McClelland

Limit poker is a science, but no limit is an art. In limit, you are shooting at a target. In no limit, the target comes alive and shoots back at you

-Crandell Addington

No-limit Holdem; Hours of boredom followed by moments of sheer terror

-Tom McEvoy

Fold and live to fold again

-Stu Ungar

In the short term, luck is king. In the long term skill is king

-David Sklansky

If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker

-Matt Damon in the movie, Rounders

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