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‘Luckboxes’ TV Show Could be a Comedy Goldmine!

The pilot for the potential TV show ‘Luckboxes’ has been created… and it’s incredible.

The comedy pilot created by Ryan Firpo was inspired by his documentary called BET RAISE FOLD which documents the online poker industry.

luckboxes tv show pilot

‘Luckboxes’ is loosely based on the wild and crazy stories of young online poker players striking it big.

The two brothers featured in the story are struggling through the recession and need to find other means of income. While delivering furniture, the brothers run into a team of professional poker players who they immediately envy.

Jason Sommerville is listed as an Executive Producer, and recently promoted the trailer on his Twitch stream. The poker community is hoping the pilot is a success and gets picked up by a TV network or streaming service.

Watch the original series trailer below.

LUCKBOXES // Original Series Trailer from Ryan Firpo on Vimeo.

You can check out more clips at the official ‘Luckboxes’ site here.

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