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Antonio Esfandiari’s Net Worth

Antonio Esfandiari is the poker ‘magician’, but how do his poker skills impact his net worth? Does he have earnings off the poker felt?

antonio esfandiari net worth

What has contributed to Antonio Esfandiari’s Net Worth?

Poker has gained so much attention these days and many have come to learn the game and share of the unexplained interest in it. Poker geeks and enthusiasts have held several tournaments with high stakes that it’s hard to bluff interest when someone wins as much as 18 Million dollars in a game.

Such is the stakes in a professional poker game. It is no wonder then that people will speculate how much is the net worth of professional poker players. Of interest is the 2012 1st place winner of Annual World Series of Poker Europe tournament, Antonio Esfandiari. If you want to know Antonio Esfandiari’s net worth, read on.

Esfandiari is an Iran-born college dropout who left to become a professional magician. He was raised in San Jose, Los Angeles and started his poker career at the early age of 20. Before entering the poker circuit, he was a professional magician which gained him between $300 to $400 earnings in a single gig. He first broke out in the poker world in 2004 after finishing 1st place in the No-Limit Hold’Em (Event 6) of the 35th Annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) which garnered him $184,860 in winnings from a $2,000 buy-in.

Poker Success

Esfandiari is listed to have total career earnings of $2,942,301 for playing 84 games in the World Poker Tour, all series with an overall playing ranking at #19. WSOP on the other hand lists his total career earnings in WSOP and Circuits at $21,324,323 along with the prestige of earning 3 bracelets.

antonio esfandiari one drop win

With a long list of prestigious winnings, Antonio Esfandiari is certainly one of the poker-made millionaires whose net worth is always a source of speculation. He has a lavish partying lifestyle in Vegas and no reported real properties other than a house and lot which he gave to his father.

Meanwhile, CEO of Poker Royalty Brian Balsbaugh (the firm that manages Esfandiari’s poker career), thinks that Antonio Esfandiari’s positive focus and lively personality could open other business opportunities for him.

So what is Antonio Esfandiari’s net worth?

Antonio Esfandiari’s net worth is estimated at $20 million largely coming from all time winnings of his poker career. He believes and practices bankroll management which he also advises to other young millionaires like him. His future plans include opening a magic-themed restaurant and having a wife and a family. At the age of 36, he still is one of the youngest poker millionaires in the circuit also highly esteemed for bringing home three bracelets.

Other than his lavish partying life, Esfandiari is not known for living in excess and he plays smart. His poker skills have made him one of the most feared yet respected stars in the poker circuit. However, his magic skills have equipped him to better gauge people’s mental condition and reactions that are very useful in the game of poker. With this it can be said that Antonio Esfandiari has a potential to grow his net worth in the coming years and he is surely one star to watch out for.

Public urination controversy

In 2016, Esfandiari had a $50,000 prop bet going where he had to lunge everywhere instead of walking. His legs couldn’t take it any more and he needed to use the bathroom during a poker tournament.

Instead of lunging there, he urinated in a bottle at the table. This saw him disqualified from the tournament. He went on to win the prop bet, and donated the winnings to charity as an apology for his actions.

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