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Qui Nguyen Net Worth [2016 WSOP Main Event Winner]

Qui Nguyen has made poker news recently by winning the 2016 WSOP Main Event for $8 million. His unpredictable play has made this one of the most entertaining main event final tables in recent history.

Before playing in the WSOP Main Event, Qui Nguyen only had $50k in tournament cashes. His biggest win was just over $9k.

Nguyen beat Gordon Vayo in a long heads-up battle which Nguyen completely dominated. The final hand saw Nguyen’s beat Vayo’s .

Vayo played extremely tight and Nguyen took full advantage. Many people thought his run was pure luck, but after watching him play with hole cards exposed, it was clear that Nguyen came into the final table with a great game plan.

Nguyen’s final table performance was arguably the most dominant performance in WSOP Main Event history. His win was fully deserved.

qui nguyen wsop main event 2016

Life movements

Nguyen originally comes from Saigon (Vietnam), but moved to Las Vegas in 1999. As a big-time gambler, this was an ideal move.

Nguyen has said he plays a lot of poker, and isn’t afraid to gamble on other casino games.

Qui Nguyen and Baccarat

Qui Nguyen has stated that one of his biggest weaknesses is baccarat. When calculating Nguyen’s net worth, we need to make sure that gambling losses are taken into consideration.

The fact that Nguyen states baccarat is a weakness, it’s safe to assume that he is a lifetime loser at the game.

So what is Qui Nguyen’s net worth?

With his HUGE score at the 2016 WSOP Main Event, it is estimated that Qui Nguyen’s net worth is $10 million. This number incorporates his WSOP score, plus his cash game poker ability. It’s also worth remembering that he won his main event entry through a satellite, so is not backed and likely had 100% of himself.

Nguyen has said he will donate a large portion of his winnings to various charities in the US and Vietnam, including the Marines, where his brother has served.

“I owe my brother a lot. I’m not here in the U.S. without him. To honor him for serving [our] country, I’m going to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Marines’ Toys for Tots as well.”

His charitable donations will impact his net worth, but is countered by his sponsorship deals for playing in, and winning, the main event.

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