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Sam Farha’s Net Worth and has he Gone Broke?

Sam Farha is best known by the casual poker community for his appearances on the TV show High Stakes poker. Farha is usually draped in gold, so what is his net worth? He has been missing from the poker scene for a while, so has Farha gone broke?

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Who is Sam Farha?

Sam Farha was born in Lebanon, but moved to the US after the Lebanon Civil War started. Farha has a business administration degree and it definitely shows on the felt.

Farha hadn’t played a hand of poker until he moved to Houston, but it drew him in quickly. He quit work in 1990 and became a professional poker player.

Poker success

Most of Farha’s success happens in high stakes cash games, primarily in Las Vegas. Before he starred on High Stakes Poker, he was known as the person who ensured the poker boom happened.

Farha was beaten by Chris Moneymaker heads-up in the WSOP Main Event in 2003. It’s is commonly regarded as the best non-win in poker history. It is possible that the poker boom wouldn’t have been so big had Farha won the Main Event.

Farha has 3 WSOP bracelets from 6 final tables and 9 cashes. This is one of the strongest cash-to-win ratios of any player at the WSOP. His three bracelets came in PLO and Omaha 8, with two of the three in Omaha 8.

Farha’s second place in the 2003 WSOP Main Event saw him take home $1.3 million which is by far his biggest career cash. He has just under $3 million in career tournament earnings.

Success outside of poker

Farha has co-authored a book called Farha on Omaha. Given his success in Omaha, it’s a great read! He also had a cameo appearance in the movie Lucky You.

Most of what Farha does outside of poker is kept quite private, but he is known as a very savvy businessman, allowing him to play in the highest stakes poker games.

So what is Sam Farha’s net worth?

The majority of Sam Farha’s wealth has come off the felt. He has used money made from the business world to fund his poker play. It is estimated that Sam Farha is worth $35 million. This number could even be larger if results of his high stakes cash games were known.

So has Sam Farha gone broke?

It’s not likely that Farha has gone broke as he is still a regular in high stakes cash games. His last tournament cash came in 2014, but that does not mean he has left the poker scene.

Farha has definitely taken a step back from poker, but many wealthy poker players will tell you he is still playing the highest stakes games possible.

If High Stakes Poker (or another similar poker TV show) returned, you can guarantee Farha would be first in line to get into the game.

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