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Tom Dwan’s Net Worth

Tom Dwan has recently disappeared from the poker world, but how has that impacted his net worth? He has recently registered for a super high roller poker tournament in Manila, but does that mean he is back?

What has impacted Tom Dwan’s Net Worth?

Known around the online poker community with his rather prosaic screen name “durrrr”, Tom Dwan is an American professional poker player considered a prodigy in high stakes no limit forms of online poker. He is also one of the most easily recognizable names in the online poker community.

Tom Dwan’s meteoric rise to poker stardom is a classic rags to riches story. He was not exactly born into poverty but his huge personal fortune is all self-made. Dwan says that in 2004 he began plying online poker using $50 his dad had given him on his birthday. In a matter of a few games, he had lost $35. Down to his last $15, Dwan shifted his focus from sit and go’s to cash games and slowly climbed his way up until he was playing at the largest games in online poker.


Dwan broke into stardom in 2007, a year which saw him earn over $300,000 in net winnings alone. In 2008, his total winnings came to a massive $5.41 million and the world began to take notice. By 2009, ‘durrr’ was arguably the biggest star in online poker and his prodigious record helped propel yet another poker sensation to global limelight.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom famously took on “durrrr” on a series of challenges in 2009 and managed to win $5 million, a feat which propelled Isildur1 to global stardom.

Tom Dwan is one of the most sought after personalities when it comes to televised cash games all around the world. He currently holds the world record for the largest pot in the history of televised poker. He won $1.1 million on Full Tilt Poker’s Million Dollar Cash Game, breaking his own previous record of $919,000 on High Stakes Poker. Watch it below.

Poker success

The following is a list of Tom Dwan’s career defining tournament successes with prize money won and placing at the end of the tournament:

– 2007: 2007 World Poker Finals, No Limit Hold’em – $324, 244 (Placed 4th)
– 2008: 2008 Borgata Winter Open, No Limit Hold’em – $226,100 (Placed 2nd)
– 2010: 41st Annual World Series of Poker, No Limit Hold’em – $381, 885 (Placed 2nd)
– 2011: 42nd Annual World Series of Poker, H.O.R.S.E. Championship – $134,480 (Placed 5th)
– 2014: 2014 Aussie Millions, $250,000 LK Boutique Challenge – $447,359 (Placed 6th)

So what is Tom Dwan’s net worth?

The very nature of high stakes online poker makes it very hard to arrive at a certain player’s actual net worth. Their fortunes change so fast and the challenge of keeping up with who has won what is often shrouded in mystery. However, using all known information, Tom Dwan’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Future concerns

With Tom Dwan being out of the game recently (at least publicly), there is a real concern that Dwan’s net worth will plummet. Rumors of Dwan playing private cash games exclusively in Macau make it likely that he still has plenty of money, just not for everyone to see.

As more and more reports come out of Asia about Dwan and the high stakes games he plays in, we will have a much clearer understanding of the impact it has on his net worth.

Dwan’s backers (if he has any) will be a more accurate source of information on the net worth topic, but that would be like drawing blood from a stone.

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