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The Best Zynga Poker Strategy

The best Zynga poker strategy is a widely debated topic. This extremely popular game doesn’t allow real money play, but is targeted towards players who are looking for a game to test their poker strategy, or learn the basics without having to spend any money.

This guide aims to dive into the best Zynga poker strategy possible to help you on your way to success.

What is Zynga poker?

Zynga poker is the biggest casual poker game available. It is available on the following platforms:

    Windows Phone

More than 350 million people have played Zynga poker which alone is enough to prove it is one of the biggest poker platforms in the world.

The Best Zynga Poker Strategy

Zynga Poker Strategy

The following tips will help you win as many chips as possible while playing Zynga poker. There are of course many way to play the game, but the Zynga poker tips provided below are ways to play the game as profitably as possible.

1. Getting free chips from Zynga poker

When you first create your account, you will be give 2000 chips without having to do anything. It is strongly recommended to leave notifications ‘on’ as you will get an additional 2000 chips for logging in once per day. Even on days you aren’t playing, logging in will give you free chips. This is a great Zynga poker strategy if you don’t plan on playing for a few days.

2. Play the ‘Lucky Bonus’

By inviting friends (or making friends through Zynga poker) you increase the chance of winning the ‘Lucky Bonus’ This bonus will award the winners 1 million chips. Doing so allows you to play in the higher stakes games without worrying about losing all of your chips.

3. Winning Zynka poker tournaments

The Zynga poker tournaments are very reminiscent of turbo tournaments you will see on a site like PokerStars. After paying your entry fee, you will be given 1000 Zynga tournament chips and the blinds start at 10/20. This means you start with 50 big blinds. This is a solid amount of blinds to play good poker, but the increasing blinds mean you have to find a good hand quickly or risk busting out.

The advantage to playing Zynga poker tournaments over cash games is that the reward is much bigger if you win. Winning a single Zynga poker tournament equates to hours and hours of playing the cash games. Check out more tournament poker strategy around on the Profiting at Poker website.

4. Winning Zynga poker cash games

The Zynga poker cash games can be very swingy – meaning you will swing from winning to losing quite quickly. The trick is to play solid poker which does not allow your opponents to get any chips from you. This varies from tournaments, as you should be taking fewer risks in Zynga cash games. The players will play very loose and allow you to enter the pot with a strong hand and clean up.

5. Don’t chase your draws in Zynga poker

Chasing your draws is the quickest way to go bust. Chasing a flush or a straight is fine – as long as you’re getting the correct odds. You can use this tool to calculate the odds you will be getting with you hand vs. your opponents hand. If you are getting the right odds to chace, of course you should do it, but given how big people bet in this game, it’s better to play safer.

6. Bet big with your big hands

Since Zynga poker isn’t played with real money, many players don’t care if they win or lose. This is where you can take advantage of the situation. When you get a big hand pre flop such as AA or KK, bet it big. Don’t try to hide your hand as you will get yourself into trouble. You want your opponents to make mistakes, and making the put a lot of money into the pot with a bad hand will mean you win in the long run.

7. Fold your bad hands

Before committing too many chips to the pot, just fold your weak or medium hands. This is the trap most casual players fall into. They will put money in with a bad pair and end up getting crushed. If you’re not holding a strong hand, just fold.

8. Bluffing in Zynga poker is bad!

Bluffing just doesn’t work on Zynga poker since no real money is at stake. Most players will gbe too curious and chase their draws, so bluffing won’t work. Even om the river when they miss their draw, they might have a small pair and call anyway. They will catch your bluff and it will cost you a lot.

9. Tipping the dealer

Don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. This feature will not increase your chances of winning anything, and only takes away from the chips you could be using to beat other players with. Don ‘t fall into this trap as it can be quite expensive.

10. Play within your limits

In a game such as Zynga poker, you will lose many times but win many times. To avoid going bust through a down swing, you need to make sure you’re not playing with too much money at any one time. A general rule for real money poker is to have 100 buy-ins available at all times. So if you a playing a game with a 1000 buy-in, you should have 100,000 chips to play at this level. This ensures that even if you have a really bad week, you still have plenty of chips left to play with. In real money poker, this is the number one reason that players go broke.

Alternatives to Zynga poker

If you are finding that Zynga poker is just not fun, or the players aren’t playing seriously enough for you, look at alternatives. All big real money poker rooms will have a play money section. While these players play very similar to those on Zynga poker, they have a bit more understanding of poker and your game will improve much quicker.


Zynga poker is great for beginners, but can get stale after some time. By applying the above best strategies for Zynga poker, you should dominate the tables in no time! Just remember to be patient and realize that most of the players aren’t playing seriously. Don’y take bad beats with any emotion as it’s literally not costing you anything but time to play.

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