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Profiting at Online Poker

Get Free REAL Money on PokerStars ($30 for free)

free money on pokestars

The best way to get your online poker career started is free money from PokerStars. How to get your free $30 on PokerStars If you already have a PokerStars account, unfortunately you can’t take advantage of this opportunity, but make …

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The Best Push / Fold Poker App

Having a solid push/fold poker strategy is key to winning tournaments. The popularity of hyper turbo poker tournaments in recent years has made this strategy even more important. There are many websites and downloadable programs for PC and Mac which …

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How does PokerStars shuffle their decks?

Online poker has a bad reputation when it comes to legitimacy. Scandals involving Full Tilt Poker and UltimateBet amongst others creates a negative view of online poker world. PokerStars, as the biggest online poker room, has focused on creating a …

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Why you need to play faster poker [infographic]

When a poker game is slow, it can be very frustrating. Many poker players take an eternity to make a decision. This ranges from a huge decision for thousands of dollars, to tanking before any action has happened. The below …

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