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The Best Push / Fold Poker App

Having a solid push/fold poker strategy is key to winning tournaments. The popularity of hyper turbo poker tournaments in recent years has made this strategy even more important.

There are many websites and downloadable programs for PC and Mac which allow you to analyse certain situations, and what the most profitable move is.

Good push / fold apps have been something which the poker community much desires, but have struggled to find.

SnapShove is new app available for both Android and iOS which does everything a serious poker player wants in a good push / fold app. Links to these apps can be found below.

While the legitimacy of these types of apps are regularly questioned, notable pros have come out in support of this app. Players such as Jason Somerville and Mike “Timex” Mcdonald have openly stated that this is the best push / shove poker app available currently.

Those who have been watching Jason Somerville’s Twitch stream recently would have noticed the increased number of hyper turbos he has been playing. He started off quite poorly, folding way too many hands, but recently his game has been top class. While this is not only due to the use of this app, it certainly contributes to it.

There is a free and a pro version available, and it’s definitely recommended to check out the free version as the app is definitely not cheap. For what it is, it’s great value, especially for someone who is serious about making money on the digital felt!

snapshove poker app

Download the Shapshove app for Android here, and for iOS here.

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