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Recap: High Stakes Poker Season 6 – Episode 10

Notable Hand 1: Killing the Action Dwan!

Grospellier opens up the pot with 6-5 of diamonds, Daniel looks down at J-10 off suit and jacks it up to $15,000, Dwan with 9-3 of diamonds 3-bets it to $38,200. Doyle folds the 7-6 of spades along with Grospellier. But Daniel calls the additional $23,200. The flop comes out 4-8-7 with two spades which would have been huge if Doyle and Grospellier had been in the pot, but all it did was give Daniel a gut shot straight draw. Dwan check-folds it to Daniel’s bet of $55,000. Dwan’s re-raise preflop prevented a potentially monster hand. Doyle would have flopped a pair with a gut-shot straight flush draw and Grospellier would have flopped a straight. I never thought I’d say it but Dwan killed most of the action on that hand.

Notable Hand 2: Whoops!

Eli limps in with A-8 off-suit, Doyle raises it up with K-J to $4,300, David Benyamine calls with 8-6 of clubs, Grospellier with 6-4, Ivey with A-2 and the initial limper Eli folds. The flop comes out 2-3-3 with two clubs giving Ivey a pair and Benyamine with a flush draw. Grospellier bets $11,000 and only Benyamine calls. The turn brings a 4 giving Grospellier the best hand and they both check. The river brings the action card –a 4 of clubs – giving Grospellier a full house and Benyamine a flush. Grospellier checks it over to Benyamine who bets $16,000, only to have Grospellier check-raise it up to $56,000. Benyamine pauses for a minute before calling the additional $40,000 to receive the bad news. Grospellier rakes in the $153,600 pot.

Notable Hand 3: Revenge

In one of the few hands Mike Matusow has played on the season – he raises it up with Q-7 of diamonds to $3,500. Benyamine calls with A-J, Grospellier calls with A-8 and Eli calls with A-4. The flop comes out 8-J-J giving Benyamine trip Jacks and Grospellier a pair of 8s. It goes check-check-check to Grospellier who fires $8,000. which Benyamine just calls. A 4 comes on the turn and Benyamine checks it to Grospellier who fires $21,000 this time. Benyamine then raises it up to $63,000 – a big raise, maybe wanting it to look like a bluff – and effectively ends the hand.

Notable Hand 4: Mike ‘The Fish’ Matusow

Doyle raises it up with 8-8 to $4,000, Mike calls with K-J and Benyamine comes along with J-3 of diamonds. The board of J-7-A pairs both Mike and Benaymine and Mike leads out for $6,000. Benaymine calls the bet – but at this point I think he’s calling the flop just to bluff Mike out on the later streets. Matusow has been playing very tight for the entire season and for him to bet at that point would probably mean Benyamine is beat. The turn brings a Queen of hearts – the perfect card for bluffing since it completes any straight draws and flush draws; not to mention it’s the 2nd over-card to the Jack. Mike checks it to Benyamine who bets $15,000 and Mike releases instantly. To be fair, Mike Matusow is actually a very good poker player, but on a table that consists of Ivey, Dwan, Benyamine and Eli – he’s finding himself outclassed in every aspect.

Notable Hand 5: Straddle Baby!

A straddled always guarantees a lot of action because it leaves more dead money in the pot to be stolen. Negreanu starts out by straddling $1,600, Eli puts on the double straddle and Dwan triples it to $6,400. Already there’s $13,800 in the pot and nobody’s looked at their cards yet. Doyle doesn’t straddle and looks down at A-Q of hearts and decides to shove for $152,600. Right next to him, Mike picks up K-K and moves all in himself for $169,200. They run the board twice and it’s chopped up – both players winning one board each. This is just an example of how much action straddling can generate. If there wasn’t so much money to be stolen preflop, Doyle wouldn’t have moved in like that, creating an over $300,000 pot.

Notable Hand 6: Phil Galfond is Bo-ring

Phil Galfond, one of Tom Dwan’s buddies and another internet phenom joined the table towards the end of the episode. Last time he was on High Stakes Poker (Season 4) he played against the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Eli Elezra and Sam Farha, and suffice to say – he was extremely tight and actually quite boring to watch. It’s a shame his online prowess hasn’t manifested on live high stakes cash game like Dwan. Anyway, this hand kicked off with Eli straddling the $1,600. Mike raising to $3,200 with Q-J of hearts, Grospellier calling with 8-8 and Galfond raising it up to $11,200 with Q-7 of diamonds. Eli calls with A-10 and Grospellier comes along for the ride. The board flops 10-A-2 with two diamonds – hell of an action flop – giving Galfond a flush draw and Eli top two. Galfond leads out for $22,000; Eli raises it up $50,000 more which Galfond only calls. A nine of hearts comes on the turn and Galfond checks it over to Eli who shuts the hand down by moving all in. I think the problem with Galfond’s call on the flop was that if a diamond doesn’t come on the turn then he’s stuck with Queen high and Eli with the betting initiative.

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