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Recap: High Stakes Poker Season 6 – Episode 11 & 12

Notable Hand 1: The NUTS!

Negreanu opens the pot with A-K offsuit to $4,200 and it’s folded around to Galfond who calls with 9-8 offsuit. The flops comes out 6-7-10 giving him the nut straight. Negreanu leads out for $8,500 and Galfond smooth calls. A 3 of hearts falls and Galfond checks to Negreanu who checks back. The river brings a 5 of hearts and Negreanu folds to Galfond’s bet of $32,000.

Notable Hand 2: Major Cooler

Matusow looks down at Kings and only calls the big blind. Negreanu limps in as well and Eli with A-7 raises it up to $5,000. Matusow and Negreanu both call. The flop comes out and it’s an absolute action flop. 9-K-9 giving Negreanu trip 9s and Matusow Kings full. Matusow and Negreanu both check to Eli who, with A-high, fires $8,800. Matusow calls and Negreanu puts in a raise to $28,800. At this point Matusow can afford to just call and slowplay his hand since it’s such a monster. Instead he opts to build the pot up now and re-raises it to $68,800. Negreanu contemplates a little bit before shoving for $151,300. Matusow instant calls and Negreanu receives the bad news. Down to one out they agree to run it twice. Negreanu loses both times and Mikey rakes in the $329,200 pot.

Notable Hand 3: Lose 300K, win back 92K

After the horrible cooler hand with Matusow a little earlier, Negreanu has rebought into the game. Dwan straddles the $1,600, Benyamine raises it up with A-J of hearts to $5,800. Grospellier calls with 6-6 and Negreanu who looks down at two Kngs re-raises it up to $24,300. Benyamine gets out the way and Grospellier takes the flop with Daniel. The flop comes out 9-3-8 all diamonds. Daniel with the King of diamond in his hands fires $35,000 and Grospellier folds.

Notable Hand 4: Rematch

In one of the rare hands that Brunson straddles; Matusow calls the $1,600 with A-Q of clubs, Benyamine, Grospellier and Galfond all join the party. Negreanu looks down at 10-10 and raises it to $16,000, only to have Mikey re-pop up to $45,000. Negreanu calls the extra $29,000 and the two of them head to the flop once again. At this point there’s already nearly $100,000 in the pot. The flop comes out 6-4-7 with two clubs, giving Mike two overs and a flush draw and Negreanu with the overpair. After asking how much Negreanu has left behind, Mike puts him all-in for the rest of his stack – roughly $200,000. Negreanu ponders the decision, thinking Matusow might have a hand like A-K. He finally makes the call and although he’s glad to see his 10s are ahead, he’s dismayed at Matusow’s flush draw. They run it twice again and surprise, surprise Negreanu loses both of them. The first time Mike makes a flush on the river; the second time, Negreanu makes a set on the turn but Matusow makes his flush again on the river. Mikey takes down the $500,000 pot and Negreanu is left to rebuy again.

Notable Hand 5: 3-way Action

Negreanu straddles the $1,600, Eli raises to $5,600 with 9-9, Benyamine calls with A-J of hearts and Galfond re-raises with Q-Q to $21,400. Eli and Benyamine both calls the raise and the three of them take the flop. It comes out 6-A-J rainbow and Galfond bets $32,200. Eli folds his 9s and Benyamine raises it an extra $60,000 to $92,200. Galfond makes a wise decison and folds his Queens. Just as he’s gathering up his chips, Benyamines makes a little quip, “Two nines right? I know what you had Eli.” Never fails to impress me David Benyamine.

Notable Hand 6 [Episode 12]: Position on The Mouth

Matusow raises to $3,300 with Jacks and Benymine to his immediate left smooth calls with Queens. Eli joins in with 10-3 of hearts and the flops comes out 6-2-A. Eli checks and Matusow fires $6,400. Benyamine calls in position and Eli gets out the way. The turn brings a 7 and Mike quickly checks. Benyamine fires $15,000 and Matusow lays down his Jacks.

Notable Hand 7: Favourite Hand

Negreanu straddles for $1,600, Doyle with one card concealed to the camera raises to $4,500 with A-X. Grospellier calls with Ah3h,Galfond calls with 9d7d and Negreanu calls with 10c7s. The flop comes out 7-10-10 with two hearts, giving Daniel a fullhouse, Galfond a pair and Grospellier the nut flush draw. It’s checked to the turn which brings a 6 of clubs. Grospellier bets $11,000, Galfond calls and Negreanu raies to $41,000. Grospellier folds his flush draw and Galfond calls the raise. A King hits the river and Galfdond check-calls Daniel’s bet of $80,200; giving Negreanu the $272,800 pot.

Notable Hand 8: Tom Dwan Sees Everything

Dwan raises with A-Q to $3,200, Galfond calls with A-10 and Negreanu with 4-3 of hearts. It comes out 6-K-Q with two hearts. Galfond checks, Negreanu fires out $8,000 with his flush draw and both players call. The turn brings a 4, giving Daniel a pair with his flush draw. Galfond checks again, Negreanu bets $24,000 and Dwan makes a great call with middle pair. Galfond gets out the way and the river brings a 7 of clubs. It goes check-check and Dwan takes down the $83,000 pot. Props to Dwan who manages to make a great call the turn despite Negreanu betting out both times and having Galfond behind. It was very easy for someone to have a King in that spot.

Notable Hand 9: Benyamine vs. Dwan

Benyamine calls the straddle with Q-Q, Galfond comes along with A-10 of spades, Negreanu with 8-5 offsuit, Eli with 7-4 offsuit, Dwan with 9-6 of clubs and Brunson checks the straddle with Q-10. The flop comes out A-J-8 all clubs. Eli checks to Dwan who leads out for $7,400. Benyamine with the Queen of clubs in his hand calls and everybody else folds. The turn brings a 6 of hearts, Dwan bets $21,200 and Benyamine calls again. A 10 of hearts hits the river and Dwan fires $54,600 and Benyamine folds straight away. Nice hand for Dwan and nice fold by Benyamine.

Notable Hand 10: A Confusing Hand

Dwan straddles the $1,600, Brunson raises to $5,500 with 9-8 suited, Benyamine calls with 5-5 and so does Grospellier with 10-10. When it gets back to Dwan he re-raises it to $24,800 with 10-10. Everybody calls and they go four way to the flop with over 100K in the pot. It comes out A-A-3 and Dwan bets out $22,800, a very nice probe bet. Brunson folds, Benyamine folds and Grospelier calls. A 9 of hearts hit and they both check it. The river brings another Ace and Dwan bets out $58,400. Grospellier reluctantly calls and breathes a sigh of relief when he sees they have the same hand. According to Dwan’s interview with Kara Scott, he was confused that Grospellier was even considering to fold his 10s.

Notable Hand 11: Keeping the Streak Alive

Negreanu raises to $4,200 with J-6 of heart, Brunson calls with 7-5 of spades and Benyamine calls with A-5 of clubs. The flop comes out beautifully for Doyle, 6-4-3, a straight. Negreanu with top pair bets $10,500 and Brunson raises all in for a total of $69,800. Negreanu calls instantly and they run it twice. Brunson wins both boards and rakes in the $153,600 pot.

Image by Toby Bochan

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