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Recap: High Stakes Poker Season 6 – Episode 6

The last Episode of High Stakes Poker, Season 6 was arguably one of the most action packed episodes we’ve had in a while. Not including the monster bluff Dwan made against Ivey, Season 6 so far has featured the most players busting out of any season. This time we’ve got new players joining the table. Aside from Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey who will be staying for the whole season, we’re joined by Daniel Negreanu again, Dennis Phillips, Andrew Robl, Lex Veldhuis, Patrik Antonius and Barry Greenstein. Let’s get into the action

Notable Hand 1: Hold’em Nightmare

Just two hands into the episode – Greenstein raises to $3,000 with K-9 of spades, Ivey picks up Kings and jacks it up to $13,000 and then uh-oh, Antonius looks down at Aces and re-raises to $36,400. In danger of getting all the money as a huge underdog, Ivey only calls the raise, swelling the pot up to $78,200. The flop comes out Q-10-J, not the best flop when you’re holding Aces and not a bad flop for a Kings. It’s checked to the turn (another Queen) and the river brings a 9 giving Ivey a straight. Antonius checks again, Ivey bets $45,000, Antonius calls and Ivey rakes in $168,200. It was a very interesting hand and you can look at it two ways. Either Patrik lost a fairly big pot or he was saved half a million dollars. If this hand was played straight forward and they had put all the money before the flop, Antonius’ Aces would have been cracked.

Notable Hand 2: Welcome to Dwan City.

Right off having Kings, Ivey raises it up to $3,500 with A-K, Veldhuis calls with 5-5, Phillips with A-J and Dwan with 9-8 off suit. The flop comes out 8-J-7 giving Phillips tom pair and Dwan middle pair with a gut shot. Phillips bets $8,500, Dwan calls and the rest get out of the way. The 4 on the turn yields no action and it’s checked to the river which brings a nice looking 9 for Dwan. He bets $14,800, Phillips calls and another pot goes to the Dwan.

Notable Hand 3: You Can’t Fool Patrik

Antonius raises it up to $4,000 with 8-8, Negreanu calls with K-10 of hearts and Phillips with 7-5 of spades. 5-A-Q all diamonds hit the board. It’s checked to Negreanu who fires $7,500 which Patrik calls. The turn brings a Jack of diamonds, giving Patrik a flush and Negreanu a straight. Daniel fires again, this time $12,000. Patrik calls and the river brings another diamond, putting a flush on the board but Patrik with the best hand. Negreanu fires the last bullet – $15,000 and Patrik makes a nice call with his marginal flush.

Notable Hand 4: Look out for “durrrr” River Pt. I

Veldhuis raises it up to $3,500, Dwan calls with 10-7 and Daniel, after some confusion, calls the raise with K-9 suited. The flop 6-K-10 gives Daniel top pair, Dwan middle, and Veldhuis an open ended straight draw. Veldhuis bets $8,500 and both players call. The 2 on the turn goes check to the river which brings a 7. It’s checked to Dwan who bets $28,400. Daniel calls and sighs in exasperation as he sees the rivered two pair. “Oh brother.”

Notable Hand 5: Look out for “durrrr” River Pt. II

Ivey raises it up to $3,500 with 4-2 of hearts, Negreanu calls with J-7, Phillips with 9-8 and Dwan with 8-6. The flops comes out 2-8-5, giving both Phillips and Dwan top pair and Ivey with bottom. Dwan bets out $12,200, the rest get out of the way and Phillips calls. The turn brings a 4, giving Dwan a straight draw to go along with his pair. It goes check-check and the river brings the 3, making Dwan his straight. Phillips checks, Dwan leads out for $29,200. Phillips muses for a while before calling the bet and Dwan takes down $98,400.

Notable Hand 6: Two of Poker’s Finest

This was one of the hands I was looking forward to when I heard Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan were going to be playing. Interesting poker hands don’t necessarily mean the biggest pots or cooler hands – what I like watching is when two players with absolutely nothing but a pure heart try and outplay one another. That’s poker for me. Antonius, Dwan, Greenstein all limp in, Ivey raises it up with K-J to $7,000 and only Patrik calls with 8-5 of diamonds. The flop 7-4-4 giving Patrik a gutshot. Ivey bets $12,000 and Patrik raises it up to $36,000. Ivey pretty much instant calls with K high, perhaps contemplating a move on the turn or river. The A of diamonds prompts Ivey to check over to Patrik who now has a flush draw to go along with his straight draw. He takes down the pot with a nice semi-bluff bet of $42,000.

Notable Hand 7: Getting Tricky

Negreanu raises it up with 4-3 to $3,000. Veldhuis re-raises with $11,000, Robl smooth calls with a pair of Queens. The three players see a flop of 3-7-Q, giving Robl top set. It’s checked around to Veldhui who fires $23,800 which Robl just calls. The Jack on the turn is checked to the river which brings an Ace. Robl sneakily checks it once more time to Veldhuis who bets $54,000. Robl only calls, perhaps scared of K-10 and takes down $190,000. Nice play, normally I see players hit disaster when they try and slow play their big hands but this time it paid off for Robl.

Episode 6 Recap

Well this episode got off to a nice little start. Antonius and Ivey faced off with a couple of unique hands, Veldhuis made some ill-timed bluffs, that may have worked well in the World Series of Poker but not so much with these pros. Dwan frustrated everyone with lucky river cards, especially Daniel who couldn’t do much but sigh. All in all a strong opening to a new round of HSP, Season 6. See you next time.

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