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Recap: High Stakes Poker Season 6 – Episode 7

New table, new players, new action. The last time we left High Stakes Poker, Lex Veldhuis was bemoaning his ill-timed bluff against Robl, Ivey ran his Kings into Antonius’ Aces – and won, Tom Dwan caught some miracle river cards and frustrated Daniel Negreanu and Dennis Phillips and Barry Greenstein… well he sat there looking pretty. With Antonius, Ivey and Dwan on the same table; money’s bound to fly over the table – let’s get into the action.

Notable Hand 1: A Lesson in Continuation Bet

A few hands into the episode, Phil Ivey limps in with A-7 off, Antonius with 4-4, Daniel with A-J, Veldhuis with J-9, Phillips with Q-2. Barry picks up A-K and raises it up to $10,800. Everybody else folds except for Negreanu and Antonius – jacking the pot up to $36,200. The flop comes out 10-2-5, missing everybody and leaving Antonius with the best hand. But it’s Greenstein we’re talking about; master of the continuation bet. He leads out for $20,000, scaring off Daniel and Patrik and taking down a $56,200. Every time I’ve watched Barry on TV, he’s made a strong bet on the flop after showing strength before the flop. Solid play by Barry.

Notable Hand 2: Greenstein on a Roll

The hand starts out with Phillips straddling for $1,600, Greenstein raising it up to $5,500 with K-Q suited, and Andrew Robl re-raising with $16,500. Greenstein calls the additional $11,000 and they see a flop of Q-7-J. Greenstein checks to Robl who fires out $20,500. Greenstein only calls and the turn brings a 8 of clubs. Checked again to Robl who fires another bullet, this time $44,000. Deciding he wants to shut the hand down, Greenstein moves all in for his remaining $113,000. Bye bye Mr. Robl.

Notable Hand 3: Ivey vs. Phillips

Dwan straddles for $1,600, Ivey raises it up with K-10 suited to $6,000 and only Phillips calls with 8-8. The flop of 5-5-K gives Ivey top pair, but it goes check check. The turn – 3 of hearts – prompts Dennis to bet $12,000. Ivey only calls and they see the river – a deuce. Dennis checks to Ivey who value bets $20,000 into a pot of $39,400. Phillips calls and Ivey gets exactly what he wants.

Notable Hand 4: Negreanu Getting Cheeky

Ivey, Negreanu, Veldhuis, Phillips and Dwan all call Barry’s straddle and 6 players see a flop of 2-3-Q. Negreanu’s got a pair of 3s, Dwan’s flopped two pair with Queens and Deuces, Veldhuis flops top pair with Q-10 and everybody else is on a straight draw. Dwan bets $5,400 and Negreanu decides to raise with middle pair to $12,800, getting rid of Veldhuis’ top pair. Phillips calls with his opened ended straight draw (5-4) but Dwan comes back at Daniel’s raise, pushing it up to $48,400 and takes down the pot.

Notable Hand 5: Playing Scared Are We?

Robl straddles for $1,600, Negreanu raises it up with A-Q to $6,000, Dwan calls with K-9 and the two of them take the flop heads up. Good looking flop for Daniel who flops a straight with K-10-J. He bets $8,000 and Dwan calls with top pair. The 8 of clubs of the river puts a potential flush on the board and it goes check-check. The river brings another Queen and its checked down. Daniel comments “I didn’t like the river card…” but we’ve seen Daniel do this a few times – he’s scared to river value-bet players like Ivey and Dwan in fear of them re-raising him, representing a bigger hand. As Dwan quips “you could have won a bigger pot”.

Notable Hand 6: Love-Hate Relationship

Ivey raises it up to $7,000 with K-10 of diamonds, Robl calls with A-Q and Patrik looks down at the loved/dreaded pocket Aces. The reason I say this is because Aces – though it may be the strongest starting hand in Texas Hold’ Em, many people bust out holding it because it’s just so hard to let go. Antonius wanting to win the hand preflop makes a big re-raise to $30,400. Everybody else folds except for Robl who, after some effort to read Patrik’s stone-cold face, shoves for $144,300. Antonius instant calls. They run the board twice and Patrik ends up taking down nearly $300,000.

Notable Hand 7: Negreanu Messing with Dwan

Dwan straddles for $1,600, Negreanu raises it up to $6,500 with J-8 off suit, and Dwan looks down at A-K, raising it up to $23,600. Normally it would be the end of the hand for Daniel but for some strange reason – maybe he wants to get back at Dwan – he calls the additional $17,100. The flop comes out A-J-A, giving Dwan trip Aces and Daniel his Jack. Dwan bets $28,200 and Daniel calls. The turn brings a King giving Dwan a full house and he leads out again for $56,600. Daniel contemplates for a second before making a strong raise to $138,600 with his measly pair of Jacks. Dwan only calls the additional $82,000 and the river brings a 10. Dwan checks to Daniel, setting a trap but Daniel, perhaps scared of Dwan’s call on the turn checks it down also. Dwan takes down the $383,400 in the middle – one of the largest pots with this group so far.

Episode 7 Recap

If this new table proved anything it was that the younger the player the more aggressive they get. Veldhuis, Robl and Dwan nearly tore up the table with reckless bluffs and re-raises – sometimes succeeding, other times miserably failing. Negreanu, frustrated at being run over all the time, tried to make a few stands, but his moves have all been ill-timed. Both Dwan and Antonius took down massive pots with Ivey staying relatively quiet in the background. But we’ll see what sort of mischief he gets up to next time, on High Stakes Poker.

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