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Recap: High Stakes Poker Season 6 – Episode 8

This episode is the last one featuring this cast of players. Get ready for more big bluffs, Daniel Negreanu finally winning some pots, the steal of the century and Dennis Phillips proving he’s not too shabby with the chips.

Notable Hand 1: Go Daniel!

Greenstein straddles for $1,600, Antonius raises it up with A-4 to $6,000, Daniel calls with 9-9 and Veldhuis raises it up $25,600 with J-9. Everybody gets out of the way and moves all in. Nice read by Daniel and another badly-timed steal by Veldhuis.

Notable Hand 2: Some WSOP Heat

Phillips calls the $1,600 straddle with J-J only to have Dwan pop it up with A-Q to $8,300. Phillips only calls with his Jacks and the flops brings 10-Q-5, giving Dwan top pair and leaving Phillips hopefully behind. Phillips checks and Dwan bets $15,600. Phillips calls. The turn brings a King, putting a potential straight out there, and it goes check-check. The 4 of spade on the river also puts a flush out there and with a nice looking bet/bluff of $33,000, Phillips takes it away from Dwan. Great bet from Phillips – bluffing Dwan out the best hand.

Notable Hand 3: Unbelievable

Barry raises it up with Q-10 to $5,500, Ivey looks down at 5-2 and jacks it to $18,000 and Veldhuis, who straddled $1,600, re-raises to a whopping $51,600 with K-J of hearts. Against any other player, Veldhuis would have taken it down. But not Phil Ivey. After Barry gets out the way, Phil thinks for about 30 seconds and shoves it for nearly $200,000. It was unbelievable. No-one – not even Gabe – could fathom Phil Ivey’s fearlessness. Maybe it was a spot on read or maybe he just went a little a crazy and decided to put in $200,000 with 5-2 off suit; but whatever the case, Veldhuis folded and Phil Ivey took down $256,700. Now that’s gamble.

Notable Hand 4: Did You Find the River or Your Balls?

Negreanu makes it $6,000 with A-K of hearts – a bit of an oversized raise but only because he thought the straddle was on. Everybody gets out the way except for Dwan who makes the call on the button with K-J. The flop comes out K-7-2, perfect for Daniel and trouble for Dwan. Dwan check calls a bet of $8,400. The turn brings an Ace of spade, giving Daniel two pair but also putting a potential flush out there. It goes check-check and the river brings another Ace – improving Negreanu into a full house. Negreanu puts out a bet of $26,500 and after contemplating a call, Dwan makes the right move and folds.

Notable Hand 5: Spike It Up

Veldhuis straddles for $1,600, Barry raises to $5,500 with J-10 and Robl only calls with his A-Q. The flop comes out Q-10-8, giving Robl top pair and Barry middle pair with a straight draw. Barry leads out for $8,000 and Robl calls. The turn brings a 5, prompting Barry to check and Robl bets $16,500. Barry calls and the river – a 9 of hearts – gives Barry a straight. He checks over to Robl, intending to trap but Robl checks it down.

Notable Hand 6: Weird, Weird Hand

One of the last remaining hands for this particular group – Dwan raises it up with 2-2, Greenstein smooth calls with his Queens, Negreanu with A-Q also calls and then Phillips with J-J re-raises to $30,500. Dwan gets out the way and Barry re-pops it up to $125,000. Daniel folds his A-Q and Phillips gets caught in a dilemma. If Barry had a hand like A-K or even A-Q, he would be a slight favourite at best. But if Barry had a more legitimate hand like A-A, K-K or Q-Q, then he would be in a lot of trouble. Best thing he could wish for was if Barry had a hand like 9s or 10s and was hoping the end the hand preflop with some aggression. Phillips deliberates but comes to the right decision and folds wisely. A great play by Phillips.

Notable Hand 7: Phil Laak Came for the TV Time

Seriously, I think the only reason they bring Phil Laak into High Stakes Poker is because he’s a doofus and can be very entertaining at times. But as for gamble, action and good poker TV then he’s a major letdown. He’s probably the tightest player I’ve ever seen on High Stakes Poker next to Antonio Esfandiari and Chris Ferguson. But unlike Ferguson who knows how to pick great spots for aggression, Laak has been steamrolled countless times by other players. This hand was a great example of that. Antonius kicks it off by straddling the $1,600, Negreanu calls with K-6 suited, Phillips with K-10 and Dwan with 10-7. Laak looks down at Q-Q and decides to just call, letting 5 other players take the flop with him. Big mistake. The flop comes out 5-A-8 – practically killing Laak’s hand – he’s never going to bet into 5 other players with an ace on board. Negreanu takes a stab and bets $9,200. Dwan calls with his flush draw and everybody else folds. The turn is a 3 of diamonds and Dwan check calls another bet of $15,800. The river brings a 5 of diamonds and it goes check-check – Daniel takes it down with King high and Laak is left muttering to himself. Bad move from Laak for not raising preflop to protect his Queens, excellent bet by Daniel who decided to represent the Ace on the flop.

Episode 8 Recap

A great new table with a nice mixture of online phenoms and old school veterans. Although this table didn’t match the sheer aggression of the previous one, there were some big pots, big bluffs and some good old Phil Ivey steals. Next time on High Stakes Poker we’ve got a table full of new players – including Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, living poker legend Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra – not to mention Dwan and Ivey returning to resume their friendly rivalry. See you next time.

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