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Recap: High Stakes Poker Season 6 – Episode 9

New table, new players, more action. Returning to the table we’ve got Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey continuing their friendly rivalry and Daniel Negreanu coming back for another round. New faces include Eli Elezra, poker legend Doyle Brunson, high stakes veteren David Benyamine, Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow and Grospellier. So far the action has been intense of Season 6 – let’s see if these guys can add more to it.

Notable Hand 1: Dwan Actually has a Hand

Tom Dwan raises to $3,200 with A-K of diamonds. Everybody folds except for Eli who calls with the ol’ Q-10 off-suit. The flop comes 8-J-6 and it goes check-check. Another 6 on the turn prompts Eli to bet $4,500 whcih Dwan calls. A 10 comes on the river giving Eli second pair and it’s checked down. First pot goes to Eli – one of the few players willing to gamble it up big with Tom Dwan.

Notable Hand 2 – Clash of the Titans

Phil Ivey comes in with 10-5 offsuit, raising to $4,000. Negreanu calls with 4-2 and Brunson calls with 6-3 of clubs. The flop comes out 4-9-5, giving both Ivey and Negreanu a pair and Brunson an open ended straight draw. Ivey bets $10,000, Negreanu folds and Brunson calls. A Queen comes on the turn and Brunson check-calls another bet of $26,000. The 5 of the river gives Ivey undoubtedly the best hand and he fires again, this time $60,000 and Brunson with 6-high folds. Ivey rakes in the $146,000 pot.

Notable Hand 3 – Brilliant Benyamine

I haven’t seen Benyamine on a lot of televised poker but from glimpses I’ve caught on High Stakes Poker – he seems like a very aggressive player whose always in tune with what’s going on. Always lurking in the shadows, he usually waits for the perfect time to pull off one of his trademark brilliant moves – this is one of them. Negreanu raises with 10-9 of spades to $3,000, Brunson smooth calls with his pair of Queens and Benyamine calls with 7-5 of spades. An absolutely action-packed board flops. 9-3-8 with two spades; giving Daniel top pair with a flush draw, Benyamine a flush draw with his inside straight draw and Brunson with the overpair. Benyamine checks it to Negreanu who bets $8,500 and gets call by both players. A Queen of spades comes on the turn, giving both Benyamine and Negreanu a flush and Brunson a set of Queens. What a card that was. Everybody checks the turn and the river brings an Ace of hearts. Benyamine checks it over to Daniel who puts out a nice looking value bet of $26,200. Brunson calls and when it gets to Benyamine, he decides to check-raise it up to $101,200. An exasperated Daniel thinks it over before folding and leaves Doyle to throw in the remaining $75,000. David calls out “flush” and after seeing the 7-5 of spades Daniel slams his chips down in frustration. In this hand it seemed as though Benyamine knew exactly what was going on every step of the way. By raising that extra $75,000 on the river, he effectively squeezed Daniel out of the winning hand and price Brunson to call with the worst hand. Undoubtedly one of the most brilliant plays I’ve ever seen on High Stakes Poker.

Notable Hand 4: Ace King Without the Crabs

Eli raises it up with A-K to $3,000, Brunson calls and Benyamine re-raises to $18,700 with A-K also. Eli calls and Brunson folds and it goes heads up to the flop. Q-4-9 comes out with 2 clubs and it goes check-check. A 3 of clubs on the turn gives Benyamine the nut flush draw and it goes check check again. An Ace falls on the river and Eli leads out for $22,000 which Benyamine quickly calls, splitting the pot. Funny thing is, if Brunson had called the re-raise preflop he would have spiked his set on the turn and probably would have been paid off with the Ace on the river.

Notable Hand 5: Any Ace Will Do It

Looking down at Jacks, Negreanu raises it to $3,000, Eli looks down at A-9 offsuit on the button and re-raises to $13,000. Daniel calls and the flop comes out 10-Q-2 with 2 diamonds. Negreanu checks and Eli bets $19,900 with his Ace high. It’s alot easier to bluff-bet than it is to bluff-raise. If Daniel had led out on the flop with his 2 Jacks, Eli would have been hard pressed to call with his A-9, but because he checked, Eli seized control and put Daniel on the defense. Another Queen falls on the turn and Daniel check-calls another bet of $25,000. An Ace falls on the river giving Eli the best hand at the last moment and it goes check check. Eli scoops the $118,600 pot and Daniel is left muttering to himself yet again.

Notable Hand 6: Eli vs. Dwan – Round II

Another Eli-Dwan confrontation. Eli raises it up to $3,000 with 4-2 of clubs and Dwan calls with J-6 of spades. The flop comes out K-4-5 and Eli leads out for $5,200. Dwan raises it up to $18,600 and Eli instant calls with bottom pair. The 9 on the turn goes check-check and the 10 of diamonds on the river goes check check. Eli made a great call on the flop with bottom pair and reaps the reward.

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