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PokerStars Spin & Go Player Wins €250,000 LIVE on Stream

In an incredible turn of events, a Russian poker player who was streaming his play live on Twitch, managed to land a jackpot Spin & Go on Pokerstars. First place was €250,000 while second and third would get €25,000.

The player who goes by the screen name of “SolidPenis” (I know, right!) was in the middle of a Spin & Go grind when he loaded up a €25 Spin & Go table, which happened to be a jackpot table. His reaction is of pure shock while trying to remain calm. He barely says a word or even moves a muscle while playing out the tournament.

PokerStars Spin & Go Player "SolidPenis" Wins €250,000

After some solid play and a bit of luck, “SolidPenis” came out on top and walked away with an incredible €250,000 payout. The Russian player ran around his room in absolute joy after this incredible, life-changing achievement.

PokerStars has added the video of the live stream to their YouTube channel, and you can watch the full Spin & Go play out below.