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2017 WSOP Main Event Payouts AFTER Tax

Scott Blumstein 2017 wsop main event final table winner

The 2017 WSOP Main Event final table payouts were splashed across TV screens across the world for days. How much of this did the winners actually take home? The below table breaks down how much each person at the 2017 …

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Phil Ivey Missing from 2017 WSOP?

Phil Ivey has been missing from the 2017 World Series of Poker, so where is he? One would expect one of the most successful WSOP players to be in full attendance, attempting to increase his bracelet number. Phil Ivey’s absence …

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What Donald Trump’s Win Means for Poker

Donald Trump’s shock election win will have an impact in the global financial markets. So what does Trump’s win mean for poker? Will Trump make poker great again? our daily streaming campaign to make poker great again begins March 1 …

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2016 WSOP Main Event Payouts AFTER Tax

qui nguyen wsop main event 2016

While the TV coverage of the 2016 WSOP Main Event regularly showed the payouts, they weren’t what the contestants actually received. The tax system reared it’s ugly head, and took a huge chunk out of the final payouts. Taxable Talk …

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Poker Players Halloween Costumes 2016

poker halloween

Poker players were hiding for the most part on Halloween this year. A few of them had costumes worth showing off. Here are the few poker players who took part this year (and posted evidence!). Phil Galfond got serious with …

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Is Gus Hansen back in 2016?

Gus Hansen has disappeared from most poker involvement in recent times and his fans are curious about it. So what has he done so far in 2016? Gus Hansen’s 2016 Live Results Unfortunately there is not much to report here. …

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Matt Damon does a Rounders ‘Teddy KGB’ Accent!

Matt Damon does a 'Teddy KGB' Accent

While promoting his new Jason Bourne film, Matt Damon tried his hand at a Teddy KGB accent. John Malkovich portrays a Russian mobster who goes by the name of ‘Teddy KGB’. He runs an underground poker club which features throughout …

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