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Highlights of Phil Galfond’s Reddit AMA

phil galfond reddit ama

In November of 2013, Phil Galfond took to Reddit’s /r/poker to host his AMA (Ask Me Anything). Galfond’s AMA is a great insight into the high stakes poker world, plus his personal journey to the top. The highlights of Galfond’s …

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The Best Push / Fold Poker App

Having a solid push/fold poker strategy is key to winning tournaments. The popularity of hyper turbo poker tournaments in recent years has made this strategy even more important. There are many websites and downloadable programs for PC and Mac which …

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Tournament Strategy: The ‘ten-to-one’ Rule

The ten-to-one rule originated from the popular poker book, Harrington on Holdem. It is a simple but very underused strategy. It works due to multiple reasons including players being more conservative later on in a tournament. Since the payouts in …

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How to Beat Flipout Tournaments on Full Tilt Poker

What are Flipout Tournaments? Flipout tournaments (currently unique to Full Tilt Poker), is a tournament style where you don’t actively participate in a hand until you have reached the money. All players at all tables are automatically placed all-in. This …

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Gambler’s Fallacy & Poker

Gambler’s fallacy, also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy theorises that an occurrence is more or less likely to occur because of a previous occurrence. History The most famous documented example of gambler’s fallacy was a game of roulette at …

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The Law of Large Numbers & Poker

The Law of Large Numbers (LLN) is a theory which states that over time, a large number of trials or experiments will result closer to the expected value or result. It was first theorised by a 17th century mathematician by …

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