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The 10 All-Time Best Female Poker Players

In a sport dominated by men, there are a few women who really stand out. This list looks at the best female poker players to have ever played the game.

10. Annie Duke

annie duke poker

Annie Duke has been effectively ‘shunned’ from the poker world after her brothers (Howard Lederer) involvement in the Full Tile Poker scandal. She does make this list as her poker accomplishments are extremely strong and has shown to be one of the best female poker professionals to play the game.

9. Jackie Glazier

jackie glazier poker

Jackie Glazier is by far Australia’s best female poker player. $1.3 million in tournament earnings put her 24th on the all-time Australian list and the number 1 female.

8. Natasha Barbour

Natasha Barbour poker

Girlfriend turned fiancee of Jason Mercier has to mean something for her poker ability! She has earned more than $1.1 million in tournament earnings, and has starred online during the 2016 WCOOP series. With free coaching from one of the best poker players in the world, Natasha Barbour will get stronger by the year.

7. Maria Ho

maria ho poker

Mario Ho is 10th on the all-time female money list with over $2 million in tournament earnings. Her 6 2016 WSOP cashes and a final table prove that her presence is definitely one of fear for her opponents.

6. Vanessa Rousso

vanessa rousso poker

Vanessa Rousso sits 5th on the all-time female money list with more than $3.5 million in earnings. On top of her poker success, Rousso appeared on Big Brother 17 as a house guest. This has skyrocketed her popularity further than just the poker community.

5. Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree poker

Liv Boeree is the highest earning female poker player from England. Her biggest single tournament cash was for almost $1.7 million when she won an EPT main event in San Remo during the 2010 series. She has also modelled and played music.

4. Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst poker

Vanessa Selbst is currently number one on the all-time female money list currently sitting on almost $12 million in tournament poker earnings. She has had a few notable slip-ups though. Recently she made a very poor bet against Jason Mercier to not win 3 bracelets in the 2016 WSOP. As Mercier won his second very early on in the series, Selbst tried to back out of the best and eventually sold a lot of the action to other players.

Check out this poorly timed bluff against Prahlad Friedman!

3. Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad poker

The superstar from Norway is third on this list due to her amazing accomplishments starting at such a young age. Obrestad stirred a lot of controversy for playing underage online with huge success. One of her most meorable moments was when she won an online poker tournament without looking at her hole card. Check out the video below.

2. Kathy Liebert

kathy liebert poker

Kathy Liebert is currently second on the all-time female money list with just over $6 million in tournament earnings. Liebert is generally regarded as one of the most difficult female players to play against. She is completely respected by her peers which is a huge accomplishment given the male dominance of this game.

1. Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Harman poker

Jennifer Harman is one of the few female poker players who is a household name. Everyone who knows anything around poker, knows why Jennifer Harman is. While Harman is not on top of the all-time female money list, she is by far the most respected female poker player to ever play the game.

Her exploits in high stakes cash games make her extremely respected. Her ability in games other than no limit hold’em are what separates her significantly from the rest of the players on this list.

Harman’s biggest successes on the tournament front include 2 WSOP bracelets and 2 WPT titles. She is by far the most decorated female poker player of all time.

Watch Jennifer Harman take on Daniel Negreanu on High Stakes poker below.

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