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The 10 All-Time Best Female Poker Players

Vanessa Selbst poker

In a sport dominated by men, there are a few women who really stand out. This list looks at the best female poker players to have ever played the game. 10. Annie Duke Annie Duke has been effectively ‘shunned’ from …

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Is Gavin Griffin Broke?

Is Gavin Griffin broke?

Gavin Griffin is one of the most talented poker players in the world. Recently, he has been away from the professional poker scene. So is it possible he has gone broke? Has Gavin Griffin gone broke? Born in the small …

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How Did Erick Lindgren Go Broke?

how did erick lindgren go broke

Erick Lindgren is one of the most famous poker players in the world, but has he gone broke? He dedicated his life to playing poker and reached significant heights on the felt. His brilliant career as a tournament pro took …

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Is Chino Rheem Broke?

is chino rheem broke

Chino Rheem has stirred up a lot of controversy in the poker world, but has this caused him to go broke? Many poker players have strong opinions around this topic which are covered below. Chino Rheem and loans Chino Rheem …

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Phil Gordon Net Worth

Phil Gordon Net Worth

Phil Gordon is very well known in the poker community, but has dropped off the radar over the past few years. So what is his net worth? Is he still profitable in the poker community? Poker success Phil Gordon has …

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Is Gus Hansen broke?

gus hansen's net worth

Gus Hansen, one of the most recognizable professional poker players has had a tough time over the past few years, but is he broke? Has Gus Hansen gone broke? Gustav “Gus” Hansen calls himself a professional gambler, rather than a …

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Is Chris Ferguson Broke?

is chris ferguson broke

#111564856 / gettyimages.com Has Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson Gone Broke? Chris Ferguson has won 5 WSOP bracelets and is known as the toughest man on a poker table. The Justice Department of America reported that Chris Ferguson, also known as Jesus, …

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The Top 10 Tournament Poker Players

the top 10 tournament poker players

There are many great tournament poker players, and deciding who is actually the best tournament poker player is a greatly debated subject. Profiting at Poker have sat down and thought about exactly who should be in the top 10 tournament …

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