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The 5 Best Examples of Angle Shooting in Poker

Angle shooting is arguably a type of cheating, but it is a very fine line. Generally, angle shooting is completely within the rules but is but is very unethical.

An example would be acting out of turn intentionally to get information out of your opponent.

worst angle shoot poker

For example, you want your opponent to bet because you have a huge hand. You check before they act. The rule here is if they check you have to check, and if they bet you can do what you want.

In this example, your opponent might think you really want to check and appear weak. They might then bet into you believing you are going to fold. You now have extra money in the pot which you could even raise. This is very frowned upon, but not technically against the rules.

Angle shooting back in the days where guns were carried by the players would usually end in someone being shot.

We take a look at some of the biggest angle shooting incidents in televised poker.

Ivan Freitez Angle Shooting at the 2011 EPT Grand Final in Madrid

Freitez has been angle shooting throughout the tournament where he announces raise, but only puts in chips to call. The says he meant to only call and it’s a language barrier. The tournament director tells the opponent that when he does this, he generally has the nuts. This is considered the worst angle shoot ever caught on TV poker. Watch below.

WSOPE Angle Shoot

In this hand, Levi used forward motion with his chips but pulls them back. He was doing this to try and get a reaction from his opponent. The table is extremely unimpressed with the antics on display.

Tony G Angle Shoots Phil Hellmuth

Tony G and Phil Hellmuth have a history of controversy and this was no different. After Hellmuth raises, Tony G says all-in and claims he hasn’t looked at his cards. You can clearly see that he does, and happens to have AK suited. To make matters worse, he keep claiming he hasn’t looked when asked multiple times.

Phil Hellmuth vs Tom “durrrr” Dwan

Phil Hellmuth is the victim again, as Tom Dwan fakes putting his chips in. In this hand though, Hellmuth counters Dwan perfectly by making it look like he was about to turn his cards over (showing strength). Watch it unfold below.

Scott Seiver Accuses Daniel “Jungleman” Cates of an Angle Shoot

Seiver claims that Cates was acting out of turn intentionally. This happened a few times before this hand unraveled, and it added to the drama which saw Seiver lose it.

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