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How to Get Free Zynga Poker Chips

Getting free Zynga poker chips is easy! This quick guide will show you how to do it with as little effort as possible.

Here are the top 5 ways to get free Zynga poker chips.

The best ways to get free Zynga poker chips

The Best Zynga Poker Strategy

1. Leave your notifications ON

When you sign up for Zynga poker the first time, you will get 2,000 in free chips. If you leave your notifications on it will remind you to log in and claim your free Zynga poker chips.

Each day that you login, you will get an additional 2,000 Zynga poker chips for free.

2. Make sure you’re playing the Lucky Bonus

When you make friends through Zynga poker (or directly invite your real-life friends), you will increase the chances of winning $1 million free Zynga poker chips.

The winner of each Lucky Bonus will win $1 million in free Zynga poker chips.

3. Study Zynga poker tournament strategy

The Zynga poker tournaments are the most lucrative way to legitimately earn free Zynga poker chips. You can only win limited amount of chips through the cash games, but the tournaments have huge prizes for coming first.

You can read our Zynga poker strategy guide here.

4. Never tip the dealer

The dealer isn’t real, so do not tip them. There is absolutely nothing to gain by sending your chips off to die in the hands of the dealer.

Save these chips to easily earn more chips from actually playing the game!

5. Never bluff

Once you have your free Zynga poker chips and have started to play actual poker, don’t get caught in the trap of bluffing. This is a game where you are playing with fake chips. Trying to bluff someone off fake chips is completely useless.

If you want to try and pull off some amazing bluffs, try some real money games. You can get tricky in these games because there is real money on the line. Players will respect your raises much more and actually fold when they have the best hand!

Play money poker

If you’re sick of playing Zynga poker, and are struggling to get many free chips, maybe try your luck on the play money tables.

A site like PokerStars will allow you to play on their site using their proper software. You will start with 1,000 play money chips which you can turn into millions. It’s even possible to buy more play money chips if you love the high stakes, play money life.

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