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Poker Player Profile: Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald

Personal Life

Mike McDonald was born in Waterloo, Ontario in 1989. He is the youngest champion of the European Poker tour and is most commonly known as Timex, the name he uses when playing online with his opponents. He won a major event, the EPT Dortmund while he was only eighteen years old in 2008. He started playing poker when he was till a teenage and thus making him famous through his Timex nickname. He entered the poker world while still under age and when he was of the right age, he unleashed his hidden talent and Timex the pro poker player was born.

Poker beginnings

As Aforementioned, there is not much said about his early life as most of this time was spent playing poker. He started playing poker at an early age something that is often attributed to his prowess in the game. When he was at a legal age to be allowed to play poker in the US, it was in 2011 and he participated in the World Series of Poker. His debut was marked by winning cash in 2 major events. In one of the two events, the Pot Limit Omaha, McDonald went to the final table where he managed to finish 6th and bagged $70,000. In 2012 summer, he went to Vegas where he had 5 money finishes with the best position being 6th again and a winning of $40,000 at the No Limit Hold’em. Months later in the World Series of Poker held in France, he was 11th at the Pot Limit Omaha.

Poker Success

McDonald has made a name for himself winning a lot of the major poker events considering his young age. He has therefore been successful in both making records and making money in playing the game in different countries and continents. At the EPT Dortmund, he took the title along with the prize money of €933,600, which is about $1, 370,000 which was one of his largest winnings. His success did not stop at the 2008 event, he went ahead to take the first position in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in 2010 and a third place in EPT Dauville the same year.

The young man has many other wins and success stories in major poker events in different locations. In 2011, McDonald took the win in the buy in 8-max no limit Hold’em tournament held in September at an event dubbed Epic Poker League, and went laughing to the bank with the prize money of about $780,000. By February 2014, the total live tournament winnings by McDonald were well over the $10,000,000 mark making him one of the youngest most successful poker players in the history of the sport.

Poker Fame

Since McDonald holds the record of the youngest ever poker player to win a major event in the Epic Poker League, and European Poker Tour, he is quite famous in the world of poker. His age and the record are not the only things making him very popular, he has a lot of wins under his name and has made quite a huge amount of money in the game he mastered so well while still a young boy.

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