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The Best Poker Gift Ideas for Christmas

Poker players are sometimes very difficult to buy gifts for. This guide will help you find the best Christmas gift for the poker player who has it all.

We have also included links directly to the products to save you the hassle of finding the best prices.

Advanced Poker Books ($7 to $40)

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poker books

Poker is a game which you must always be learning and practicing. There are some amazing poker books out there which even the best players should be studying.

You can find all of the best selling poker books by clicking the above link, but here are some of the best titles:

– Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments by Jonathan Little
– Real Grinders: How to Play Poker for a Living by Ashton Cartwright
– The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky
– Jonathan Little’s Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em by Jonathan Little
– Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen
– Doyle Brunson’s Super System by Doyle Brunson
– Power Hold’em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu

Portable Smartphone Chargers ($11 to $50)

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portable smartphone charger

There is nothing worse than getting to the poker table ready for a long session, then realizing you only have 10% battery left on your phone of music device. It can ruin your mental state at the table and end disastrously. Every poker player should be carrying one around with them.

Poker Coasters ($23)

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wooden Poker Coasters

There’s nothing better than having a drink while playing at home. These artistic coasters will work perfectly with your home game. They are hand-crafted and supply will be limited!

Acrylic Poker Chip Carrier ($60)

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Brybelly Acrylic Poker Chip Carrier

If the person you are shopping for takes their home games very seriously, this is the gift for them. This poker chip carrier makes it easy to move large numbers of chips. If the home game is high stakes, this is a great way to ensure everything is legitimate.

A proper deck of cards – Copag Jumbo ($18)

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Copag Poker Jumbo cards

Forget buying cheap supermarket cards. These are the real deal, and the only cards poker players should be using. They have a large font which helps if you have a large table or players with poor eyesight.

They are also made of 100% PVC plastic which helps them last 500 times longer than paper cards. You can also wash or clean these with liquid.

This Matt Damon in Rounders Watercolor Canvas ($18)

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matt damon rounders Watercolor Canvas

Every poker player loves the movie Rounders, so what better gift is there than a watercolor canvas portraying one of the most popular scenes of the movie. If the person you’re buying for loves the movie, they will love this.

A Gaming Chair ($99 to $2,000)

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gaming chair for poker

This gift is great for the online grinder. A comfortable chair is key to success as comfort is extremely important. There is a huge range of chairs available to suit every type of online poker player.

An Ultra Widescreen Monitor ($190 to $1,500)

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ultra widescreen poker monitor

Another great choice for the online poker player. When trying to multi-table, it’s important to have as much screen real estate as possible. Ultra widescreen monitors remove the necessity for multiple screens and can save desk space without sacrificing the amount of screen visible. Samsung are the recommended screens for online poker players.

WSOP Main Event Entry ($10,000)

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Okay, so this one is a little extreme but I guarantee you it will go down as the greatest gift they have ever received. Plus, you could always make sure that you get a cut of any winnings they make from it!

wsop main event entry ticket

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