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Recap: High Stakes Poker Season 6 – Episode 13

Notable Hand 1: Hero Call

For the final episode of season 6, Lex Veldhuis has come back to the table, replacing Matusow who finished almost 300K up. Veldhuis gets the action going raising to $4,000 with A-9. Dwan calls with 9-5 and Negreanu with K-10 of spades. The flop comes out 3-7-7, Negreanu checks, Dwan bets out $10,700, Lex folds and Negreanu calls Dwan with King high. A king comes out on the turn giving Daniel top pair and they both check it. A Queen comes out on the river and Negreanu bets$28,200. I expected Dwan to instantly muck but to my surprise, makes the call with 9-high.

Notable Hand 2: Battle of the Rags

Galfond straddles for $2,000 – note players have increased the blind to $1,000/$2,000. Everybody else folds but Veldhuis who raises to $8,200 with 7-6 offsuit. The flop comes out A-8-3 and Galfond checks. Lex bets $13,300 and Galfond check-raises him to $39,000 with no pair, no draw. Excellent play!

Notable Hand 3: Folding a Fullhouse

Benyamine raises with 10-10 to $4,200, Galfond re-raises with K-5 to $16,000 and Eli with K-K 3-bets to $40,500. Benyamine reclutantly folds and Galfond calls the raise. The flop comes out bad news for Galfond – 9-9-K, giving Eli a fullhouse and Galfond Kings up. Eli bets $33,000 and Galfond calls. The turn comes out another 9 and it goes check-check. A Queen comes out on the river and Eli bets $110,000 into the $154,600 pot. Galfond wisely folds his fullhouse – perhaps putting Eli on Kings, Aces or maybe Queens.

Notable Hand 4: A Real Hero Call

Veldhuis straddles the $2,000 and only Brunson calls with Q-7 of spades. Veldhuis looks down at 9-2 and raises it up to $11,000. Brunson calls and it comes out 6-2-3 and it goes check-check. A Jack on the turn promps Doyle to bluff $20,500. Lex calls with his deuces and they head to the river. It comes out 4 of clubs and Brunson bets $60,000 with Queen-high. Lex makes a great call and takes in the $185,900 pot.

Notable Hand 5: Dwan clashes with Eli

Two of the biggest stacks on the table collide in this hand. Negreanu straddles the $2,000, Eli raises to $7,200 with Q-Q, Dwan calls with 9-7, Benyamine with K-J, Galfond with 9-8 and Negreanu with J-10. Having 4 players come into the pot with you when you’re holding Queens can be quite scary. The flop comes out 3-7-9 giving Dwan top two and Eli the overpair – ACTION! Eli leads out for $23,300 and Dwan raises it up to $71,000. Perhaps thinking Dwan is on a draw with a hand like 10-8, Eli 3-bets it to $173,300. Unfortunately Dwan decides to stick the rest of his stack in and forces the decision back on Eli. The latter ponders for a while before making a great laydown. Dwan rakes in $638,500 pot but not before kindly showing Eli his hand.

Notable Hand 6: Bye-Bye Elky

Dwan straddles the $2,000, Grospellier raises it up to $7,000 with A-6 of diamonds and everybody folds. It gets to Dwan who looks down at A-A and re-raises to $20,800. Grospellier calls and the flop comes out 4-6-8, no diamonds. Dwan bets $26,400 and Grospellier calls. A Queens on the turn and Dwan puts Grospellier all in for $78,500. Grospellier summons up the courage to make the call but is dismayed to see Dwan’s hand. The river doesn’t help Grospellier and he’s gone.

Notable Hand 7: That’s for You Doyle

In the last hand of the season, Eli straddles the $2,000, Galfond raises it up to $8,000 with 10-2 (the Doyle Brunson hand) and both Daniel – with Q-10 of clubs – and Eli – with J-10 of hearts – call. The flop comes out Q-J-4 and Galfond bets $14,000. Daniel calls and Eli gets out the way. An 8 comes on the trn and Galfond checks it to Daniel who bets $30,000. Galfond then decides to check-raise Negreanu’s bet to $94,000. Unfortunately, Daniel with his straight draw, flush draw and top pair moves all in. Galfond meekly folds but not before showing the table his hand. The 10-2 is called the Doyle Brunson because Doyle won 2 WSOP bracelets back to back holding that exact hand. Well that’s it guys. Season 6 comes to an end. Join me next time on Season 7.

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