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Is Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan better than Phil Ivey?

Both Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey both happen to be Full Tilt Poker professionals who have made a prodigious name for themselves and have taken the world of poker by storm. In order to determine whether Tom Dwan is better than Phil Ivey or vice versa, it would mean that their stats from cash games and their overall tournaments winnings will have to be considered.

Phil Ivey is the 38-year old American professional poker player who has won one World Poker Tour title and nine World Series of Poker bracelets. It has also been estimated that a total of 68 Money Finishes have been made by him out of all the total live iconic poker tournaments that he has played in. The millions of dollars that Ivey has accumulated over the past 7 years also happen to be great than what Tom Dwan has accumulated in the same period of time. On paper, it certainly does appear that Phil Ivey is the better poker player. However, Tom Dwan’s poker style is more unique, which means that it is not easy to read and understand it.

In comparison to Ivey’s 9 bracelets, Tom Dwan has not even won one, and he was just 23 years old when he started playing. However, regardless of Phil Ivey’s greater wins, Tom Dwan has plenty of years to reach the same level as Ivey, who is nearing forty. For the poker player known as “durrrr,” who has quite a huge reputation, especially in high stake cash games, Tom Dwan does not have much of an impressive tournament poker record.

However, back in 2009, Tom Dwan played in Full Tilt Poker’s Million Dollar Cash Game against against Phil Ivey, which Ivey ended up losing, along with $500,000. Phil Ivey got out played in the million dollar heads up duel while Tom Dwan bagged more than $1,000,000. Thus, Tom Dwan also happens to hold the record for the largest pot that he won from Ivey and throughout 2009; he has proven that he is the better poker player out of the two.

As a tournament poker player, Phil Ivey is certainly better and his bracelet wins have surely established him as a respectable poker player. However, as a cash game player, Tom Dwan has proved himself to be better since he has beaten Phil Ivey on multiple occasions during 2009. Moreover, despite Phil Ivey’s hard to read and understand style, Tom Dwan’s style is better and more unique. As of lately, Tom Dwan won a total of $795,500 in a Million Dollar challenge that he issued.

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