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Phil Ivey Missing from 2017 WSOP?

Phil Ivey has been missing from the 2017 World Series of Poker, so where is he? One would expect one of the most successful WSOP players to be in full attendance, attempting to increase his bracelet number.

phil ivey 2017 wsop

Phil Ivey’s absence from tournament poker in 2017

Ivey has been notably absent from tournament poker in general in 2017. His last tournament cash was in January 2016 where he took 5th place for over $650,000 in a $200,000 2016 World Poker Tour high-roller event.

You have to go back another year to find his second most recent cash. It was by no means a small one either. Ivey won more than $1.7 million in Australia in The LK Boutique Challenge at the 2015 Aussie Millions.

It is clear that he still has the skill to win at the top, but where is Ivey in 2017?

Ivey’s Gambling Controversy

Ivey has been caught up in multiple casino gambling controversies over the last few years.

His most famous casino controversy came when he allegedly used a technique referred to as ‘edge-sorting’ to give himself an advantage while playing high-stakes baccarat at the Crockfords Club in Mayfair (UK).

Ivey won £7.7 million, and expected a wire transfer of the money after his win. Instead, he received just £1 million which was the stake he outlayed to play the game.

The casino claimed that Ivey cheated and was able to gain an unfair advantage.

Ivey sued, and the case was dismissed in 2014. The judge said “In particular the actions which Mr Ivey took or caused to be taken had a substantial effect on the odds in the game and Crockfords were not aware of this at the relevant time. In these circumstances, no lower standard applied in this case because Mr Ivey was an advantage player who was in an adversarial position with the casino”.

Ivey was quite disappointed in the outcome and was quotes saying “I was upset as I had played an honest game and won fairly. My integrity is infinitely more important to me than a big win”.

Why did Ivey miss the 2017 WSOP?

As seen below, Ivey has been tied up in appealing the courts judgement. The hearing was scheduled for July 13th, 2017, right in the middle of the WSOP Main Event.

phil ivey net worth

It would make sense that Ivey would be focusing on the court proceedings instead of the WSOP, as the amount of money is much higher off the poker felt.

Will Phil Ivey return in 2018?

Ivey is a very competitive poker player. He will undoubtedly strive to win more WSOP bracelets and seal his legacy as one of the best ever.

It would be very surprising not to see Phil Ivey back at the WSOP in 2018, once he has minimal distraction and is able to focus purely on the game of poker.

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