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What Donald Trump’s Win Means for Poker

Donald Trump’s shock election win will have an impact in the global financial markets. So what does Trump’s win mean for poker? Will Trump make poker great again?

Closely monitor your online poker accounts

Most online poker sites will store your funds in USD. It is expected that the USD will take quite a big hit in the short-term, so you should keep a very close eye on the exchange rate and your funds.

Beware when adjusting stakes online

If the USD does drop significantly, your money will allow you to play at higher limits than usual. This does not mean you should.

Many other players will not care about the exchange rate and continue to play at their regular levels. If you decide to move up since you can afford it, be aware that the skill jump will be there. Don’t assume you will be playing against the same skill level as before.

“Trump is the ultimate loose-aggressive player” – Phil Hellmuth

Online poker in the US

Will PokerStars be able to properly re-enter the American market? There are arguments for both sides when it comes to Trump.

On the positive side, Trump hasn’t specifically come out against online poker like many other politicians. Trump has run casinos, and is very aware that poker can be a great taxable revenue source.

On the negative side, Trump is quote close to Sheldon Adelson, who strongly opposes online poker as it eats into his casino revenues. This is a very dangerous sign if they are indeed close.

A potential global financial crisis

If the markets take a bigger hit than expected, it can trigger another global financial crisis. If this happens, many casual poker players will remove themselves from the player pools with less disposable income.

Trump needs to make the American economy thrive if there is any chance of creating more recreational poker players both live and online.

In the immediate short term, expect people to hold onto their money a little tighter and play a lot less poker.

Prepare for the worst turn-out at the 2017 WSOP (potentially)

While we previously wrote about 2017 having a huge WSOP Main Event turn-out, the news of Trump becoming president might completely destroy that theory.

On the same point as stated earlier, much less disposable income may be available for poker players to play events at the WSOP. It is way too early to call this, but if Trump’s election hurts the economy, expect reduced fields full of mainly professional players.

Happy Mike Matusow

Mike Matusow has been shunned by a big portion of the poker community over his aggressive support of Donald Trump leading up to the election. Now that Trump has won, you can expect to see an ecstatic Mike Matusow at the poker tables.

Expect political debates at poker tables

Most poker players do not want to talk politics at the poker table. After Trump’s win, this will be a very hot topic and tempers might flare.

If you are caught in the middle of a heated political debate at the poker table, make sure to keep your cool and try to use their passion against them. If your strategy revolves around putting people on tilt, you will have plenty of great opportunities to do so!

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