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Guy Laliberte’s Net Worth and has he Gone Broke?

Guy Laliberte is known in the poker world as the billionaire who created Cirque du Soleil, and the person who organizes the huge buy-in One Drop poker events.

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Who is Guy Laliberte?

Guy Laliberte is a Canadian-born billionaire who co-founded Cirque du Soleil. He started the company in 1984 after beginning life as a street performer. This the the inspiration for the talent hired for most of the shows worldwide.

Currently (November 2016), Laliberte is dating Claudia Barilla (shown below).

Guy Laliberte claudia barilla

Poker success

Laliberte is known in the poker community as the godfather of the One Drop, high-roller tournaments. The biggest tournament cashes ever recorded all come from one of these tournaments. The key to the success of these tournaments is the amount of money which goes to charity.

Laliberte first made an impact on the poker scene by appearing on the TV show, High Stakes Poker. Watch some of his highlights below.

Guy Laliberte’s biggest tournament cashes

– $1,834,666 for 5th in The Big One for One Drop (2012)
– $696,220 for 4th in the WPT Championship (2007)

These two tournament cashes put Laliberte at 32nd on the Canadian all-time money list.

Laliberte frequents high stakes cash games around the world.

So what is Guy Laliberte’s net worth?

Guy Laliberte is worth approximately $1.33 billion. Numbers in this range have been floated by sources such as Forbes (as of November 2016), demonstrating that this is a safe assumption.

His incredible wealth means that he doesn’t need to focus as hard on generating income, and will let his investments slowly grind this number up over the next few decades.

guy laliberte poker

So has Guy Laliberte gone broke?

Absolutely not. It would take a major issue to send Guy Laliberte broke. Even a global financial crisis which impacted him directly won’t be enough to bankrupt him.

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