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Doug Polk Net Worth

Doug Polk has become a poker sensation in the last few years, so how does this impact his net worth? Let’s take a look at his live, online, and business exploits.

doug polk net worth

Factors contributing to Doug Polk’s net worth

Doug Polk is known for absolutely crushing high stakes online poker – whether it’s cash games or tournaments. He first made a name for himself (Doug “WCGRider” Polk) by crushing heads-up online and playing at the highest possible stakes.

Polk crushed heads-up poker so dominantly that it is extremely hard for him to find opponents to play against. His aggressive style is extremely unpredictable and profitable.

While cash games were Polk’s bread and butter, his name became well known through his tournament exploits, particularly through his Twitch stream.

Polk has broken the record for the largest cash while streaming multiple times. In 2016, he won a SCOOP event and took home $115k. At the end of 2016, he came second in a $10k WCOOP event winning a record $455k. In 2017, he took down a $271k tournament. All of these were streamed live with his hold cards exposed.

Exposing your hole cards makes the game even tougher (and you’re already playing the best in the world!). Polk of course streamed with a delay, but his opponents can get to know his playing style by watching it after the fact. Even with this handicap, Polk has managed to destroy some of the largest online poker tournaments.

Online poker winnings

Doug Polk’s tournament data has been blocked from most tracking websites, but there is no doubt he is up millions of dollars from tournaments alone. This isn’t even the start of it.

Polk recently posted his heads-up graph on his Instagram page which shows data for over 300,000 hands of heads-up no-limit hold’em. Polk said on a Reddit thread “Given that I don’t even play much anymore I didn’t see any harm in posting the graph.”. This is referring to the fact that no one is willing to play him, not that he has given up the format.

His graph (seen below) shows that he has won almost $3.5 million PROFIT in this format alone. The most incredible part of this graph shows how much money Polk won without the hand going to showdown. This is a perfect demonstration of how aggressive he is. This aggression is what makes him one of the most feared poker players in the game.

doug polk heads up graph

Live poker winnings

While Polk’s online poker success is incredible, he has recently put his case forward for being the best live poker player.

Polk had won two WSOP bracelets before the 2017 WSOP began. He then won his 3rd, and what an incredible win it was. Polk won the biggest buy-in event of the series – the $111,111 One Drop WSOP bracelet event. He took home a cool $3.7 million for his efforts plus a bracelet that many can only dream to win. Check out his video below.

Training and media

Doug Polk does not only win on the felt. He runs a very successful YouTube channel with over 120,000 subscribers. He is the #1 poker entertainer on YouTube at the moment, and this following is growing rapidly.

Polk is also a key part of Upswing Poker, which is a poker training website. While the price is out of reach for the micro stakes players, the value obtained through his training is incredible value for anyone taking poker seriously.

Is Doug Polk broke?

While there is always gossip about whether poker players have gone broke, Doug Polk is absolutely not broke. In every possible financial stream he currently has, he is profiting. He would have to go on a massive downswing to get anywhere near broke, and even then he’d probably still have plenty of money to play with.

Doug Polk’s net worth

So what is Doug Polk actually worth? While this number is rapidly growing, it is estimated that Doug Polk’s net worth is $9 million. This number looks at his live and online poker winnings and his business ventures. Expect this number to grow over the next few years.

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