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Will Kassouf’s Net Worth and has he Gone Broke?

Will Kassouf is the hottest name in poker right now with the controversy surrounding his 2016 WSOP Main Event antics. This aside, what is Kassouf’s net worth? Is he broke?

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Will Kassouf's Net Worth and has he Gone Broke

Who is Will Kassouf?

Will Kassouf is a solicitor based in the UK and has made his name in the poker world during incidents at the 2016 WSOP Main Event. He is also a part-time professional poker player and his results are discussed further below.

The controversies surrounding Will Kassouf

Kassouf’s first news-worthy incident came when he titled Vanessa Selbst. Watch below.

The next Kassouf controversy was during the 2016 WSOP Main Event where he was given a penalty which many in the poker community found very harsh. He was using speech-play during a hand and the tournament director felt he went too far. Check out the video below and make your own decision.

Finally, a huge hand happened between Kassouf and Griffin Benger very deep in the same Main Event. Kassouf was dealt KK and Benger AA. Kassouf started talking and Benger lost his cool. Benger kept telling Kassouf to “check his privilege”. Check out the incredible hand below.

Poker success

Will Kassouf is actually quite a decent poker player. The recent WSOP Main Event is by far his biggest cash, but I’m sure there will be plenty more of him to come in the future.

Here are his best tournament results:

– $338k in the 2016 WSOP main event for 17th place
– $133k in the 2009 PaddyPower Irish Open for 6th place
– $39k in a the 2016 September Deepstack tournament in Nottingham, England for 2nd place

Success outside of poker

Will Kassouf is a successful solicitor based out of the UK and has made a very decent living from it. He is easily able to afford his poker play from his job alone.

So what is Will Kassouf’s net worth?

After his latest score, it is estimated that Will Kassouf’s net worth is $1 million. This could very easily rise over the next few years if he plays more and more poker.

So has Will Kassouf gone broke?

With a solid job backing his poker play, it is very save to assume that Kassouf isn’t broke. As long as he doesn’t quit his day job and then have a horror run at the poker tables, Kassouf should haven nothing to worry about financially.

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