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Alec Torelli’s Net Worth and is he Broke?

Alec Torelli has successfully played professional poker for many years, so what is his net worth? Is Alec Torelli broke?

Alec Torelli’s Reddit AMA

In early 2015, Torelli participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the website, Reddit. He stated that he has played poker professionally for 9 years, has $3 million in live poker tournament earnings, played in some of the biggest cash games in the world, and founded two online marketing companies. So how does all of this impact Torelli’s net worth?

Alec Torelli’s Angle Shoot Controversy

While playing in a cash game, Torelli was embroiled in controversy when some of his chips were ‘hidden’ behind his stack. As a general etiquette rule in poker, your biggest chips need to be visible to all players at all times. For most players, this means placing them at the front of your stack.

In this particular hand, Torelli had two $5,000 chips hiding behind his stack. This ended up playing into his hands as the controversial pot unfolded.

Check out Doug Polk’s take on the Alec Torelli angle shoot controversy below.

Alec Torelli’s Biggest Poker Wins

Torelli is most known for his cash game play, but he has played in plenty of live poker tournaments. Some of his biggest tournament scores include:
– $336,896 in the 2008 WSOP Head-up Championship (2nd place)
– $329,730 in the 2009 WSOP 40th Anniversary tournament (6th)
– $271,165 in the 2009 Bellagio Championship Event (4th)

Is Alec Torelli Broke?

In recent years, he has fallen off the tournament scene with his biggest win since 2009 being just over $28,000. This does not mean Torelli is broke by any means.

With his two marketing companies, he is able to make a stable income regardless of how the poker tables treat him.

Torelli’s most recent tournament cash was in a very small (€400) event in Austria. This isn’t a great sign for Torelli, but his focus on cash games takes him away from regular tournament play.

Even with some of these signs pointing to him being broke, it is very unlikely that Torelli is broke.

So what is Alec Torelli worth?

While it’s almost impossible to know exactly what it is due to his business ventures, it is estimated that Alec Torelli’s net worth is $1 million.

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