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Virtual Reality Poker Streamed Live on Twitch

The first look at a virtual reality poker game was recently seen on tonkaaaaP’s Twitch channel. This is the first time virtual reality technology has been used on the felt.

Bolt Casino – the creators of this virtual reality poker game – provided tonkaaaaP with the necessary software and hardware to play some virtual hands.

It was interesting to say the least! This is only a few easy version of the game, but there are very promising signs that this could revolutionize the way poker is played.

Some of the featured tonkaaaaP demonstrated included:

    – movement to pick up cards
    – movement of his head to see the community cards clearer
    – using his hand to pick up chips
    – unique all-in movement
    – generate objects (which he threw at his opponent!)
    – smoking a VR cigar
    – integrated VR Twitch chat

There are obviously many bugs and missing features for this to be a final product, but the sneak peek into this incredible technology is a very cool insight into the future of poker.

You can view highlights from the VR poker section of the stream in the below video: